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An Amazing discovery at 1268 Park Avenue and 69 E. 97th St. NY, NY


Here are two screen shots of the addresses 1268 Park Ave & 69 E 97th St.

Park Ave and E. 97th  intersect and whats amazing is that the Park Ave address is the corner apt building and 69 E 97th is either the entrance right next door or the second door way in. It was difficult to tell from the google earth view. Benjamin was living at 1268 Park Ave at the time of his marriage. Once married he moved with his wife Kate  50 98th St (from the 1915c) but in 1920 he is @ 69 E. 97th a doorway or two from 1268 Park Ave where he was once living when he married.

So who did Benjamin Lipschitz live with? Would I find him with his father David and Yetta, his mother? Would I learn who his siblings might have been? Using the Stephen P. Morse site and then just the plain hunt and peck method I began looking at every single lipschitz/lipshits/lifshits…in the 1915 census to find who was living at that address.

Living at 1268 Park Ave in 1915c was

Salmon (Calmon) Lipschitz and family



With this find I continued to check on this family and found them living at this address for another 15 yrs confirmed with the 1930c. I have always believed Benjamin would need to be by family for help and support with both him and Kate being deaf, raising 3 hearing daughters and I believe they had the support in Salmon and Sarah and either siblings or his cousins.

My next step was to try and find Salmon and family arriving here to see if I could figure out who they were. I began looking for their immigration records.

In 1911 Salmon arrived along with his wife Sore = Sarah, Chaje, Michele & Mendel going to their son I. Lipschitz @ 204 W 60th St. Last known residence was (H) Gomel, Mogilev (district) Russia. Person left behind was Berko Lifschitz (name Ber or Beryl in Yiddish, Baruch in Hebrew) Berko/Beryl also Benjamin: our Benjamin used Beril on his WWl draft record.

So is this Beril left behind their son or nephew? Is Salmon/Solomon really David? My next thought was I had to finally find Benjamin’s immigration papers and see what information could support either question. Well that has proved more difficult to find and as of this writing I have yet to locate his immigration record. I have been working with a man from the FB group Tracing The Tribe who has spent countless hours combing records looking for our Benjamin. I have spent countless hours myself into years now trying to find his records…well our Benjamin is one illusive young man with a last name that has many spellings and variations and many spelling errors as well are possible. So back to the hunt and piecing this family together. Next post I will share more about Salmon/ Solomon and what I have learned about them.





16 years ago I located my birth family, both maternal and paternal side. After literally years of searching, even before the help of the internet, I just couldn't stop searching so I began digging into my new found families past. The journey has been amazing as we connect and reconnect lost and found generations.

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