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Salmon/Solomon Lipschitz

In 1911, sailing from the port in Libau, Russia, aboard the Estonia, Salmon and his family left for the United States to join their son ‘I’ who arrived earlier in 19?? I is son Isaac later known as Isidore living @ 204 W. 60th St. By 1915 the whole family is living @ the 1268 Park Ave address. They will remain at this address through to the 1935, with this address noted on the death certificate for Solomon.

Libau, founded in 1625, was one of the main ports of the Russian empire until 1914. *notice the spelling of the last name as Lifschitz with an F.


Left behind in Gomel (the G written as H) is Berko who I am leaning towards being my Benjamin.



1915c the spelling of their last name has changed from Lifschifz to Liphshitz and the c has been dropped too.  Salmon is working as a butcher store employee. Their border is a man named David Youngwirth and he is listed as a butcher. Daughter’s Annie & Minnie are dressmakers, son Isaac is a painter and son Mendle is in school.


By 1920 Salmon is now using the name Solomon but his occupation is listed as watchman. Sarah is now using Mary (1915c she was listed Sarah M) This must be her middle name. Isaac is now listed as Isidore and is a painter/painting . There is a discrepancy in his age between census records but this is very common. Ida is Annie still at home working as an operator/dresses & Mendle is now using the name Emanuel and is still in school.

So what happened to Minnie? Minnie married Herman Greenwald in 1917.

Name Minnie Lipshitz
Gender Female
Marriage Date 25 Nov 1917
Marriage Place Manhattan
Spouse Herman Greenwald
Certificate Number 31384
Household Members
Name Age
Herman Greenwald
Minnie Lipshitz

1925c Solomon is working as a salesman, Mary a housewife and  Emanuel is in college.

Where has Isidore gone? and what has happened to Annie?


Well Annie is living with her sister Minnie working as a seamstress @ 2370 6th Ave, Long Island City, Queens but something new has jumped out at me…notice we have Fanny, listed as S. I. (sister in law) and we have Anna the same. Fanny? Anna is Annie? I had assumed that Ida was Annie in the 1920c

So back tracking to 1911, Solomon and Sarah came over with 2 daughters and 1 son. Daughters Chaje 11 and Michle 9

In 1915c we had Annie 18 & Minnie 17 … common age errors so we can’t use the ages to identify these sisters. 4 years later their ages would be 15 & 13 (adjust for dates recorded)

*What I am noticing in the 1920c is that Ida is older than Isidore and we know that sisters Annie and Minnie were younger siblings. My question now, is Ida the older sister who may have immigrated with Isidore and been here when her parents and siblings arrived?

Then where was Annie in the 1920? I need to see if she is living with her sister Minnie & husband Herman?

I need to sort this family out. They are an intricate link in the lives of my great grandfather Benjamin and great grandmother Kate. Back to the records….

PS adding a postscript to Solomon

In 1915 Solomon worked as a butcher shop employee. We have nothing to indicate whether as a butcher or as a salesclerk

In 1920 Solomon is now working as a watchman

In 1925 he is listing his employment as a salesman  and

In 1930 at 63 years old he is working as a furrier.










16 years ago I located my birth family, both maternal and paternal side. After literally years of searching, even before the help of the internet, I just couldn't stop searching so I began digging into my new found families past. The journey has been amazing as we connect and reconnect lost and found generations.

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