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Ida & Anna Lipschitz; mystery solved?

Last post I left off confused as to who Ida and Anna were. When I first began researching this family I thought that Ida and Anna were the same person. Now I am at a lose and must rethink and evaluate.

In 1911 I have the family coming over from Gomel, Russia.


Chaje, listed as a daughter is 11.


In 1915 on the census there is no Chaje but an Annie – listed age 18 and Minnie 17. I first assumed Chaje was Annie

(There is no mention of an Ida in the 1915c unless Ida was Annie)

But in the 1920c “Ida” is living with her parents Solomon and Sarah/Mary. She is listed as 23 b. abt 1897


And In 1920c Anna/Annie is  living with her married sister Minnie and her husband Herman. She is listed as 21 b. 1899 and is working as a ‘finisher of woman suits. They are living @ E. 119th St NYC

In 1925c we find sister Anna, 24 and now the name Fanny, 29 both working as seamstresses living with Minnie and listed as sister in laws to Herman. Ok so they had to use the name Fanny to really change things up and get us more confused. But staying on track Fanny is Ida if we can agree on that.


So where are they in 1930? I don’t know. What I do know is all of these people are related to Benjamin in some way. Very exciting since when I began searching no one living remembered anything about anyone other than Benjamin himself…his wife and 3 daughters and the branches we extend from.

I decided to post a question on the FB page Tracing the Tribe. TTT is a genealogy page for people tracing their Jewish roots. Great group! I wanted to see if I could get some clarity or direction in working out this problem with our now 3 daughters.

Initial Question regarding the name Chaje on a immigration record with the last known address or Gomel, Mogilev, Russia year 1911
I have a girl with that name, age 11 that I thought was now known as Annie in the US. I now have two daughters showing on the c records Ida and Annie and am at a lose which one is Chaje as they are within a year or two or the same depending on c record. Any one have an idea or guess? Thank you 🙂

Rachael Fooks Cohen Generally speaking, Chaje would translate to Eve and Chana to Annie BUT we all know it’s not that simple!
Gloria Auletta Bailey In my family, Chaia (or Chaya) became Ida.
Lara Diamond Ida was a common English name for Chaja/Chaya. But there are no hard and fast rules.
Alex Kleyman Chaya in Russia was an equivalent of Yiddish Klara, there were many Chaya Klara names just like Shoshana Reizel.
Sharon Haimowitz-Civitano I have a Michle and Chaje arriving with parents. Michlel I identified as using Minnie. In 1915c I have Annie and Minnie no Ida. In 1920c I have Ida with parents , Minnie married and Annie living with Minnie and her husband. In 1925c I have a Anna and Fanny now living with sister Minnie (listed as sister in law) to her husband Herman. All three woman work as seamstress/ladies wear and ages fluctuating. Help I am at a total loss 😦 Wish there was a hard and fast naming rule to make this easier! Thank you all for your thoughts
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David Szego I have a Chaya –> Annie as well!
Gloria Auletta Bailey Try city directories to augment the census. Sometimes that will tell relationships as well as workplace.
Rachel Berson Our Chaya was called Chajke, and in English, Ada.
Ina Silikovitz Burwasser My Hebrew name is Chaya. I was named for my grandmother Ida.

I am thinking I need to take another hard look at this. From the responses I may have to go with Chaje as Ida now. Perhaps on the 1925c it is simply a clerical error and

Fanny is Annie and a duplicate screwed up listing.

What do you think?




16 years ago I located my birth family, both maternal and paternal side. After literally years of searching, even before the help of the internet, I just couldn't stop searching so I began digging into my new found families past. The journey has been amazing as we connect and reconnect lost and found generations.

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