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Elias Lifshitz

The oldest son of Solomon and Sarah Lifschitz appears to be Elias.

The first document I have for Elias is his declaration of Intention to naturalize.


I find Elias in the  1910c listing him as a boarder in the home of Joshua Cohen living @ 1552 E. Fourth St. He is 21, immigration year 1907, alien status and occupation is painter. We like ‘painter’. Elias’s marries in 1912 and his age is listed as 23; 2 years later from the 1910c and the age is right on 🙂

Below is the marriage certificate for Elias & Maria Goldin daughter of Morris and Rebecca.


It was interesting how I discovered Elias as son of Solomon and Sarah/Mary. On the naturalization papers of brother Emanuel one of the witnesses was a woman named Maria Lifshitz with an address of 1046 Stebbins Ave. With the hunt and peck method and name I located Maria with husband Elias Lifshitz. I had no idea who Elias or Maria were but I was sure there had to be a connection. I sent away for their marriage record and with this certificate in hand I discovered that Elias was another son of our Solomon and Sarah/Mary; brother to Isidore, Ida, Anna, Minnie, Emanuel and our phantom sister Fanny.

Mentioning brother Isidore; on his 1917 WWl draft registration, notice that he is employed by his brother E. Lifshitz (Elias) it also says he is supporting his ‘old father and mother’


Elias marries and in 1915 they are living @ 150 W. 62nd St. Elias occupation is painting and decorating. Maria and Elias have their first child in 1914, a girl named Rachael. By 1920 still working as a painter, son Moses A., Janet, and Anna have been born. Elias and Maria now own their own home @ 1046 Stebbins Ave, Bronx. They must be doing quit well because Antonina Labownoch 38, from Austria, is listed as servant living with them along with border Larchik Ivankow – house painter.

In 1925 they family is still at the Stebbins Ave house and Betty, Edith and Edward have been born making it 7 children for the couple. Elias is listing his occupation as Linen Supplies a big change from house painter. Maria and Elias ages is listed as 37. By 1930 the family has moved from Stebbins Ave to 178 Plimpton Ave and are now renting at this address. Elias owns his own store and is dealing in Coats and Aprons. Maria’s mother Rebecca Goldin 65, and a sister named Fannie 28 have moved in with the family. Fannie is working as an operator in a coat factory. Fannie and Elias are the only 2 working in this family at this time .

In 1931 I found something very interesting and went off on a tangent. I located a Canadian border crossing document for Elias. Coming from Montreal, Quebec, it lists him as a salesman returning to his wife Maria living at the Plimpton Ave address. It says he is coming from his cousin M or N (I couldn’t make out) Maislin 3646 St Lawrence Blvd Montreal. I will blog about this development in another post.

Sometime between 1930-1935 the family moves again and in the 1940c they are living at 617 W. 141st St. Elias is the proprietor of a Ribber Ligho Store, lol, not sure what that is but it seems more like a misread/illegible census writing and I am leaning towards rubber? lighting?  Take a guess! Rebecca and Fannie are no longer with the family. All of the children are still home but Rachael has married a man named Charles Phillips and moved out. Janet aka Jean has married accountant Isidore Becker and they are living with the Lifshitz’s. Moses is now known as Murray and is also working as an accountant. I can’t help but wonder if he had introduced his sister to Isidore. We also learn from this census that Maria had another child at some time but that child had died. (There was an add on to the bottom of this census that indicated this. Besty and Anne are working as salesgirls in a dept store)

What has happened to Elias who seemed to start out so strong with a house painting business, owning his own home, and then consistently changing jobs and homes?

When I catch up with Elias in 1942 through his WWll draft registration he has changed jobs again and is now in the luncheonette business. They have moved again to 620 W. 149 St.


That’s Al’s Luncheonette, the Deli Grocery and I found 1 ad for the business.

Al's Luncheonette748Nicholas


This is the apt they lived in according to the WWll document, 620 W. 149th St


According to other researchers of Elias and Maria, they record a death date for Maria 1950/1951 but I have yet to find anything to support that nor does their research show any supporting evidence. Elias passes away in April 1970 at 83 years old. I loved researching Elias and his family and I am anxious to begin following their children. I will continue to research Elias and Maria to find out what happened to them, where they are laid to rest but for now I will say good bye to this very mobile and hardworking 1st cousin 3x removed.







16 years ago I located my birth family, both maternal and paternal side. After literally years of searching, even before the help of the internet, I just couldn't stop searching so I began digging into my new found families past. The journey has been amazing as we connect and reconnect lost and found generations.

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