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The Isadore Liphshitz, Lipschitz, Lipshitz, Lifshetz, Lifsheitz Family

You say tomato, I say tomoto, you spell it Lipshitz, I spell it Lifschitz but no matter how you say or spell it people always seem to raise an eyebrow when I mention my Lipshitz family. Add to the snickering are all the different spellings that makes research  down right crazy.

Isidore arrived in New York aboard the ship the Lituania on the 6th of July 1910. He was 19 and traveling under the name of Fzko Lifschitz. (What a find this was on the immigration papers for his wife Bertha.Traveling with  Isadore was a female, looks like 20 years old, first name illegible, last name Lifschitz. This is his sister as the immigration doc goes on to say  that they both were traveling to their brother in NY; E. Lifschitz, painter and paper hanger living at 1557 East 4th Street. I am thinking this may  be the phantom sister named Fanny that I mentioned in a prior post. With only one other record for her existence in the 1925 census living with sister Minnie a lot is still yet to learn about her. My interest is again piqued.

By 1915 this  1st cousin 3x removed is with his parents Solomon and Sarah @ at the 1268 Park Ave address; where my great grandfather Benjamin Lipshitz lived when he married Kate Rosen. After 1915, Fzko, now known as Isaac becomes Isadore and I have never found another record as Isaac again.

Below is the  WWl Draft registration (1917-1918)  for Isidore. He gives his birth date as 10 July 1890 but when I received his SS application, he had written his date as 26 Aug 1895. To confuse matters more, on the naturalization papers for Isadore’s wife Bertha, she has his birthdate as 25 July 1891 & his WWll draft registration says 26 July 1891. Isadore is working as a painter for his brother Elias. His intention to naturalized has been declared and on the 1920 census it says he is naturalized. However I have not been able to find his naturalization papers.  According to Bertha’s papers Isadore naturalized on 26 Sept 1918 in Syracuse, New York.



March of 1923 Isadore marries Bertha Deitch and starts his own family. (I have ordered Isadore’s marriage record) He moves his family to the Bronx, is still working as a painter, and daughter Frances has arrived in 1924. Also living with the family is Bertha’s younger sister Pauline, 20.

By 1930 Isadore has purchased his first home for his growing family at 2540 Cruger Ave, Bronx, for the sum of $8,000. Frances is joined baby brother Bernard, born in 1929 Something else very interesting has popped up too.

Notice in both the 1930c (1st one) and then the 1940c, Nathan, Dora Rayack and family. It appears that Isidore has taken on a painting partner. Sometime after 1917 Isadore has stepped out on his own, stopped working for his brother Elias and formed a business partnership with Nathan Rayack.


I found this 1925 New York city directory listing under Isidore Lifshitz (Lifshitz & Rayack) Although Isidore married now and living on East 164th St, this city directory is for 1925 and  still listing his previous address on Park Avenue. They must have started this partnership back before he married.

Below is a picture of 2540 Cruger Ave, Bronx, where both Nathan and Isadore lived from 1930 to 1942. (address 1942 confirmed with daughter Frances’s school picture)


Something happens after 1940 to dissolve the painting partnership. Nathan’s 1942 WWll draft registration says he is unemployed and Isadore’s WWll draft registration says he is  working for the Hudson Painting Company located @ 31 Union Square in Manhattan. It is here that I lose track of Isadore, Bertha, Frances and Bernard. My mission now is to locate the family today. So many question and answer to find. Did Frances and Bernard marry? And who? Its the who, what, where, & when.

Isadore dies the 24 February 1973. I have not found his grave site but I am suspecting a military burial because of the military burial file that I uncovered. Still in the process of investigating this.



Here are a few more documents for Isadore.

New York, Abstracts of World War I Military Service, 1917-1919


U.S., World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1942


U.S., Department of Veterans Affairs BIRLS Death File, 1850-2010

Name Isidore Lifshitz
Birth Date 10 Jul 1890
Death Date 24 Feb 1973
SSN 131104414
Branch 1 ARMY
Enlistment Date 1 9 Sep 1918
Release Date 1 15 Dec 1918

Below is Nathan Rayacks WWll registration card. This family and ours were intwined in business and in simple daily living of their time. Who were they? Was there a blood relationship? There is so much lost family history and connections and when I find these beautiful gems of their lives I feel so much more connected.


Lets not forget family reading this, that our Benjamin and Kate, both deaf but not dumb had the support of an amazing family, a family we knew nothing about until now. We have met Solomon and his wife Sarah Mary and their children. We have yet to confirm whether Solomon was the brother of David – There is still the possibility that Solomon is in fact David, making the cousins siblings. The only evidence of Benjamin’s father being named David is the name David being written as Benjamins father on Benjamins death certificate. We all know about mistakes and a name is only as good as the person reporting the information. Time to raise my wine glass to uncovering more information on Benjamin and our family! Cheers!







16 years ago I located my birth family, both maternal and paternal side. After literally years of searching, even before the help of the internet, I just couldn't stop searching so I began digging into my new found families past. The journey has been amazing as we connect and reconnect lost and found generations.

7 thoughts on “The Isadore Liphshitz, Lipschitz, Lipshitz, Lifshetz, Lifsheitz Family

  1. Great post, Sharon! As for the crazy, inconsistent birthdays, I’ve seen that with my Eastern European ancestors also. Someone explained to me that Jews didn’t really celebrate birthdays back in the shtetl, people just knew they were born a certain time of year, near a certain holiday. Perhaps Isadore was born near Tisha B’av in the summer, which can fall anytime in July or August, so he just randomly picked dates on that basis?

  2. Hi! I’m looking to see if there is any connection with my Lipshitz side. My grandfather was Elias Lipshitz born 1910 in NY. He married Paula Epstein and they have a son named Ronald and a daughter named Arlene. Does any of this sound like it could match up? I don’t know much about this side and I’m trying to make a tree on ancestry.


    1. Hi Annie~Unfortunately this family does not ring true with the Lipshitz I am researching. Have you done DNA testing with Ancestry or uploaded to Gedmatch? If so we could see if there was a match that way which could keep the connection alive toll proven, if ever 🙂

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