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Is Carrie Rosen really Jennie Rosen?

Family story and lore is Carrie Rosen who is the sister of my great grandmother Kate Rosen; was blind, had married, was wealthy, lived on Surf Ave and/or Mermaid Ave in Brooklyn, had a son who was in the bra business; Exquisite Bra Company; raised a family, end of information.

I have never been able to find anything on a Carrie Rosen that fit her profile. Yesterday on a whim, a long shot I posted to my favorite FB site/group Tracing The Tribe the following message

Long long shot: Looking for any information or connection with ***Exquisite Form Bra’s*** family of my 2nd great Aunt Carrie Rosen (blind) b. abt. 1886 Sompolno marriage to unknown ? man in NY
had son who was connected to founding of Esquisite Bra company
only known address for this mystery family is Surf Ave or Mermaid Ave Coney Island Brooklyn NY in the 60’s (no last name: only identifying info, Carrie was a Rosen, blind and raised a family with connection to Exquisite Bra’s) fingers crossed!

This is what I got back from Noelle Giesse, member of TTT



Noelle’s post back to my query was to close and exciting. What if the name Carrie was actually Jennie? Everything else off of the name Jennie fit like a glove with the few clues I had? That is where I am at as of today Sept 7th, ready and anxious to prove or disprove this theory that Carrie was actually Jennie.

My next step located the marriage license for Alexander Reiner and Jennie Rosen and I have sent away for a copy of that record. This should answer the question when received. If Jennie is our Carrie her parents will be listed as Selig Rosen and Rosa/Rose.

Name: Jennie Rosen
Gender: Female
Marriage Date: 11 Oct 1903
Marriage Place: Kings, New York, USA
Spouse: Alexander Reiner
Certificate Number: 7176

The family of Alexander and Jennie consists of

Alexander Reiner b. abt 1869 Romania
Jennie Rosen Reiner b. abt 1886 Russia
Jacob Reiner b. 1905 NY
Henry Reiner b. 1906 NY
Lilly Reiner b.1908 NY
Esther Reiner b. 1910 NY
Ruthie Reiner 1912 NY
Gesler (Garson) Reiner 1913 NY

In 1915c they were living @ 2877 W 17th St, NYC 

In 1925c the family was living @ 2817 Mermaid Ave, Brooklyn, New York (there’s that Mermaid Ave)

Below is a photo of the house @ 2817 Mermaid Ave – address in the 1925c 

99c xpress is house number 2815, optical 2819 * that door under the optical doorway sign must be 2817 with the door closest to the market/grocery marked # 2819 


I have spent some time looking over census records for Alexander and Jennie and have not been able to locate them in the 1910c, 1930c

Stepping back, I decided to take a break and give my Aunt Rochelle (Haimowitz) Steinman a  call and see if I could jog a memory, pump her for more info on our ‘blind Carrie’ Speaking with her I told her I was curious if perhaps Carrie could be a nickname and her name could have been Jennie and she married a man named Reiner? With out saying any additional information and only the Reiner hint – out of her mouth ‘oh there was a Garson Reiner’ 

I am so excited right now about this find….anxious to spend time researching this family. And what an interesting family. Sisters Kate and Jennie/Carrie, one deaf and one blind, both successful woman of their times, raising families, part of me.

Although I could not locate records for Alexander and Jennie I made an initial attempt to follow Garson Reiner, Founder and President of Exquisite Bra Company

On Nov 7, 1937 Garson weds Dorothy Rudich daughter of Sigmond Rudich and Lena Zlochower 

Garson Reiner
Gender Male
Marriage Date 7 Nov 1937
Marriage Place Kings, New York, USA
Spouse Dorothy Rudich
Certificate Number 19026

In 1940 Garson and Dorothy are living @ 337 Kenmore Place, Brooklyn, NY                       Garson 27, is a merchant with woman’s apparel and Dorothy is a saleslady in woman’s apparel

Mom Jennie, is living @ 1918 Avenue H, Brooklyn, NY with son Henry, 33, an electrician and daughter Ruth, 28 working as a milliner. The 1940c for Jennie does not state that she is a widow but there is no listing for Alexander.

It appears that Garson did quite a bit of traveling as a merchant and from travel records I was able to piece together some address post 1940. In 1946 and 1947 Garson was living on 533 Ocean Ln Brooklyn but by 1948 and through 1951 his address was E Sunnyside Ln Irvington on the Hudson. With that town name and a google search I actually found both a Robert and Stephen R. Reiner playing sports at  Hackley School – Annual Yearbook (Tarrytown, NY), Class of 1955 – with an address of E. Sunnyside Ln – looks like we have 2 sons for Garson and Dorothy.


There is so much more to research and discover but for now I can rest knowing another family mystery is beginning to unravel and come together.







16 years ago I located my birth family, both maternal and paternal side. After literally years of searching, even before the help of the internet, I just couldn't stop searching so I began digging into my new found families past. The journey has been amazing as we connect and reconnect lost and found generations.

3 thoughts on “Is Carrie Rosen really Jennie Rosen?

  1. That sure sounds like the same person to me. Perhaps the family forgot her first name? Or maybe she had a Yiddish name that they used that was similar to Carrie, but her Americanized name was Jennie?

    TTT is an amazing group! So happy for you that they were able to help.

    1. I have located an immigration record for a Chane that I believe is this Carrie. It seemed to fit to me, your thought on those two names? Very excited that this mystery seems to be solved.

      1. I think that that makes a lot of sense because I have seen Chane become Jennie and the C could have also made Carrie a choice. My guess is that her family called her Chane (more likely Hannie?) and some converted that to Jennie, some to Carrie. Good work!!!

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