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Meet Samuel and Rebecca Haimowitz

With the start a beautifully sweet new year, I think it is time to switch families and start talking about my Haimowitz family

My great great grandfather was Hyman Haimowitz.  He married a woman named  Ida Gleenblatt.  I know nothing about Hyman and Ida other than their names which I discovered from the social security application for my great grandfather, their son

Sam/Samuel Haimowitz


So I start with my great grandfather Samuel Haimowitz born 15 March 1875 in Romania married to Rebecca Strulowitz of Romania


Sam started  our Haimowitz branch here in the United States immigrating to New York somewhere between 1898 – 1903/5. I have not be able to find his immigration papers which has been a great disappointment with all the help and time I have spent trying to locate this family.

Samuel traveled here to New York with his wife Rebecca (Strulowitz) born abt 1880, in Romania with their son Hyman (Herman) born 22 Sept. 1898 Romania and born aboard ship was son Pincus (Paul). I have a birthdate from later records of 3 June 1902 which begins the mystery of when they actually traveled here. Census records all differ as to the year of arrival and differ with ages for these 4 individuals. With so many dates and age discrepancies it has been hard to pinpoint. My family lore holds fast to the fact that Paul was born aboard ship.

The earliest census record for Samuel and family is the 1905 census with the family living @ 170 Ludlow Ave, NYC. Samuel is a carpenter and his occupation will remain the same throughout his life time. Sam, Rebecca and Hyman are listed as alien and Paul and baby sister Freida born in 1904, listed born in US *note ‘Heimowitz’ spelling by census taker

Sam Heimowitz
Birth Year abt 1877
Birth Place Romania
Age 28
Residence Year 1905
Residence Manhattan, New York, New York, USA
Household Members
Sam Heimowitz 28
Rebecca Heimowitz 25
Hyman Heimowitz 8
Pincus Heimowitz 3
Freda Heimowitz 1


By 1910 the family has grown. The family has left the tenements of the lower east side and moved to  228 E. 99th St. Freda is going by Fannie and my grandfather, Isidore has been born.

Name Samuel Haimowitz
Age in 1910 30
Birth Year abt 1880
Birthplace Romania
Home in 1910 Manhattan Ward 12, New York, New York
Street East 99th Street
Immigration Year 1901
Spouse’s Name Rebecca Haimowitz
Father’s Birthplace Romania
Mother’s Birthplace Romania
Native Tongue English
Occupation Carpenter
Industry House
Home Owned or Rented Rent
Farm or House House
Naturalization Status Naturalized
Able to read Yes
Able to Write Yes
Years Married 12
Out of Work Y
Number of Weeks Out of Work 18
Household Members
Samuel Haimowitz 30
Rebecca Haimowitz 29
Hyman Haimowitz 10
Pinchas Haimowitz 9
Fannie Haimowitz 6
Isadore Haimowitz 4

What interests me in this record is the immigration year of 1901 and that it tells me Sam has naturalized. So some time between 1905 and 1910 Sam has become a US citizen.

By 1915 the family moved 1 block north to 316 E. 100th St, the last of the children, a daughter named Mollie was born in 1911 and Sam Shepiro, a cigar maker from Russia is living with them. The kids are all in school with the exception of Hyman who is working as a shipping clerk. The 1915c does not tell us if Sam is gainfully employed as the 1910 does. At the time of the 1910c Sam had been out of work for 18 weeks. I can’t even begin to imagine how they payed their rent or bought food. I know nothing about extended family living here, in fact the only thing I do know is that Sam had 1 sister who did immigrate to NY. We know she married but other than that, memory and details as simple as her first name has been lost to all who may have once known it.

1915 c Samuel Haimowitz
Birth Year abt 1871
Birth Place Romania
Age 44
Gender Male
Residence Place New York, New York
Number of years in US 17
House Number 316
Samuel Haimowitz 44
Rebecca Haimowitz 35
Isador Haimowitz 11
Pincus Haimowitz 14
Hyman Haimowitz 17
Fanny Haimowitz 13
Mollie Haimowitz 4
Sam Shepiro 43



The WWI draft registration shows a birthdate of 15 March 1875 for Sam.                                               The family has moved again, this time to E 98th St., he is a carpenter. Under U.S. Citizen it states he was a declarant in 1903 and naturalized in 1906. 

I’d like to take a little time and address this issue of his naturalization. Not only haven’t I found the immigration papers for this family, I have not been able to identify the correct naturalization papers for Samuel but here is what I have found.This is a declaration of intent for a Samuel Haimowitz but I don’t know if it belongs to our Sam. You see there are 3 men named Samuel Haimowitz that fit into the mold of our Sam.


Declarant papers – 2 Jan 1903 address of 143 Forsyth St – Had the family lived on Forsyth when they first arrived and then later moved to 170 Ludlow by 1905? It is possible, they are only 3 blocks apart from each other, and family shows a history of frequent moves.


This naturalization paper above seemed to be our guy which is dated 13 Sept 1906 for Sam Haimowitz living at 91 First Ave occupation wood carver arriving 11 March 1890 with a birth date of 12 Feb 1880 … this might be a likely choice for  being our Samuel, even with the arrival year off  but it is not him…this record belongs to another Samuel Haimowitz, close in age, born in 1880 Romania, married to Pearl and living at 91 First Ave in 1905 with his occupation listed as wood carver in the 1905 census with daughters Lena and Rebecca.

There is another record that seems to fit which is for Samuel Haimowitz born 1877 Romania, arrival 14 Nov 1898, with a naturalization date of June 26 1906 but this Samuel is a cap maker and his address is 464 Bushwich Ave Brooklyn. I have not posted the record for him since there are no documents or family knowledge that has ever indicated a Brooklyn address, as well as the occupation being wrong.

Just to recap on our Samuel’s ages, in 1905c  he is born 1877, 1910c he is born 1880, 1915c he is born 1871…whats is confusing is that the other records for the other Sam’s have these birth years. But if I go by his WWI record and then his social security application his birth date is confirmed as 15 March 1875. I can find no naturalization papers for our Sam with this birthdate or anything else to point to him.

So I leave the naturalization record for now and continue to hunt and peck away trying to locate it along with their immigration record.

From 1918 through 1925 the family remains at the 54 E 98th st apt. Samuel continues to work as a carpenter. By 1920, son Hyman has moved out. Paul is 18 and working as a clerk in ladies wear. On this 1920c Paul, along with his parents, Sam and Rebecca are listed as naturalized, all born in Romania. It says the immigration year is 1900 but that would mean Paul would be 20 not 18. (I believe the immigration year was 1902.) It says the naturalization year for Samuel is 1909 not 1906, this can not be right. Paul listed as being born in Romania is confirming for me since other census records state he was born in the US. This supports his on board ship birth and with a confirmed documented birthday of 3 June 1902, I again believe the immigration is for 1902, Hyman would be 4 with a birth year of 1898. Fannie is an operator in millinary and Isidore and Mollie are attending school.

The family makes the move to the Bronx by the 1930 census.  They are settled into a new apt at 974 Aldus St. Mollie and Isidore are the only children still home. Isidore is working as a chauffeur and Mollie is still in school. Samuel is working at his profession as a carpenter building buildings. The immigration year listed for Sam and Rebecca is 1896 on this census

Jan 4th 1937 Rebecca Strulowitz Haimowitz passes away at age 51.

By 1940 Samuel is living with his daughter Freida/Fannie, now using the name Fay, her husband Irving Lazar and their 2 daughters Dolores 12 & Arline 7 @ 3310 Kossuth Ave, Bronx. What I learned from this 1940c about my great grandfather is that he only completed a 1st grade education, he has been unemployed for 40 weeks, he is looking for work as a carpenter, he only worked 7 weeks in 1939 and made $150 dollars.

Samuel out lived his wife by 17 years. He out lived his son Hyman/Herman who died in 1950, followed by the death of his son Isidore, my grandfather, in 1951. I was born to his granddaughter Marlene Haimowitz in February 1953, 14 months before he dies on 22 April 1954. As I write this post it is the first time I have realized the significants of the death dates for these 3 men in my life, that my great grandfather out lived his wife and 2 sons.

There is so much more to talk about and share but I will save it for my next post as I continue to uncover the lives of this family. For now I will say May He Rest in Peace to my great grandfather and great grandmother Samuel and Rebecca Haimowitz…thank you for your hard work starting over here in America and sweetness of my life….L’chaim!






16 years ago I located my birth family, both maternal and paternal side. After literally years of searching, even before the help of the internet, I just couldn't stop searching so I began digging into my new found families past. The journey has been amazing as we connect and reconnect lost and found generations.

6 thoughts on “Meet Samuel and Rebecca Haimowitz

  1. Interesting post, Sharon. My great-grandmother’s sister, Tillie Rosenzweig, married a man named Jankel Srulowitz. They were from Iasi, Romania. Do you know where your Haimowitz/Srulowitz relatives lived in Romania? Perhaps there is a connection. Also, I hired a very good (and reasonable) research in Iasi, who found records for my grandfather and his family.

    1. Hi Amy-I have the death certificate for Rebecca’s son Hyman/Herman that says he was born in Galatz, Romania. I do not have a birth town in Romania for Rebecca or Samuel at this point. I do have Rebecca’s death certificate and it has her father as Sam Strulowitz and mother Minnie Cohen…both born in Romania. Their other son Paul, my mystery, his ss application lists Romania only and his death certificate says New York for birth place. All records have Strulowitz with a t in the last name. I think at one time we checked our DNA but I am not sure. Are you on Gedmatch? I looked but did not see your name as a match. I am A868409 I have not been able to match with any one with the last name of Strulowitz 😦 I would love to make a connection.

      1. If you search on GEDmatch by my email address, you will find kits for my mother and brother and me. But my connection to the Strolowitz (also spelled Srulowitz depending on time and place) is only through marriage, so I doubt there’s a genetic connection. I will check and see using your kit number. Who knows!?

  2. Galatz sounds a good bet. on some of the applications for citizenship, for passports, and Draft Documents it gives the town of birth. It is hard to read yours above but seems there is no town for Draft. Do you have other Draft?

    1. I have is a death certificate for Hyman/Herman son of Samuel. It states his birth place as Galatz, Romania. I have a draft record for Sam under the spelling of Himowitz but it doesn’t have a town of birth. It’s a ongoing mystery 🙂 to be solved eventually

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