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New Documents Mean New Questions

My New Document 


New document for Solomon Lifshitz 

New documents certainly can raise new questions and the one I just received for Solomon Lifshitz was with out exception. I am so excited to have finally gotten this death certificate but let me refresh your memory before I go any further.

My great grandfather was a man named Benjamin Lipshitz. He was deaf as was his wife, Kate (Rosen). My earliest record for them was the their marriage certificate from 1913. On that document Benjamin’s address is 1268 Park Ave NYC. As I began to research Benjamin I had no idea who his parents were, who his siblings could be, how and when he got here, I was at square one and this address was my beginning clue. Fast forward I discovered the family of Solomon and Sarah Marie Lipshitz and children living at this 1268 Park Ave address in 1915. Connection…but that was the question what was the connection? Were these his parents? An Uncle and family? Benjamin’s death certificate list his father’s name as David and mother as Yetta Pallai. I had a mystery to unravel.


Benjamin and Kate’s Wedding certificate


1915c record for Solomon and Sarah Lipshitz 

Back to the new document, the death certificate of Solomon Lifshitz/Lipshitz. Looking it over I decided this was truly our guy, address correct, trade – furrier, correct. Then what jumped out at me was the name of Solomon’s father David. That was what  Benjamin listed as his father’s name, David. My goodness, could Solomon actually be the  older brother to my Benjamin? But what about the mother’s name, Rachel Rifkin ? On Benjamin’s marriage cert. he lists Yetta (Pallai) as his mother. Is Yetta a nickname, an endearment, and what about the last name of Pallai? On Benjamin’s death cert. his mothers name is listed as simply Gittel, also an endearment? Another thought is David was married twice 1st to Rachel Rifkin, she passed and then he remarried to a Yetta/Gittel Pallai.


Benjamin’s death certificate

Or could Gittel and Yetta be this Rachel Rifkin? And let’s not forget  the travel documents for Solomon. In an earlier post we learned Solomon and Sarah left behind a Berko when they immigrated.  Gomel?

We deducted Berko has been interchanged into Benjamin and on Solomon’s immigration papers Berko could have Benjamin left behind and could have been his son who came at a later date. (The notation does not tell us who this Berko is)

Solomon and Benjamin could be brothers and not Uncle with nephew. There is quite an age difference between the two. Depending on correct birth year which we don’t have totally pinned down for either of them just a good guesstimate we have a age difference of about 14 years, which is not unheard of for siblings.

So I originally was leaning towards Solomon being Benjamin’s Uncle, brother to father David. It looks like I am leaning towards Solomon and Benjamin being brothers at this point in the research but I would love to hear what you think.




16 years ago I located my birth family, both maternal and paternal side. After literally years of searching, even before the help of the internet, I just couldn't stop searching so I began digging into my new found families past. The journey has been amazing as we connect and reconnect lost and found generations.

7 thoughts on “New Documents Mean New Questions

  1. Hi Sharon,  Here’s something weird,  My Benny (Bernard)  kept talking about a sister Berta who was left in Russia.  She was supposedly getting married there and didn’t want to leave with the rest of the family.  Berta, berka, berko  so weird, but the dates still don’t make sense.  good luck and keep in touch,  I still have not found the cousins to find out anything new.  JoAnn

  2. Here are a couple of questions: First, do you know who the informant is on Benjamin’s death certificate? Sometimes those provide clues. Who was the informant on Solomon’s? It’s cut off on the blog image.

    Also, I notice that Solomon’s death cert says he’d been in NYC for 24 years,meaning he arrived in 1911. Do you know when Benjamin arrived? Also, I think the marriage certificate for Benjamin says his mother’s name was Gitta, so closer to Gittel.

    It looks like they were buried in different cemeteries. Maybe the cemetery has some information—like who paid for the plots.

    Good luck!

    1. The informant on Benjamin’s is a grandson who I have no contact with, Never been able to find or contact him. The informant on Solomon’s was his wife, its listed on the second page. 24 years with the arrival 1911 is spot on. Took another look and I like your idea of Gitta, definitely could be. Never been able to find Benjamin coming over it has to be before 1913 or before marriage. All records differ on arrival time. I just found a Berko and posted for help on TTT. I may be on to something. Thanks for your imput Amy~ always appreciated Sharon

  3. Thanks Di…my head is exploding too…lol I have just been in touch with a 2nd cousin I’ve known about for some years and we have been communicating for a few days now. The information she has just shared last night could through a huge wrench in the gears of my research … I’ll keep you posted 🙂

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