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Obsessed with our Lipshitz Family

Pleasantly obsessed with our Lipshitz family history and so thankful for a flood of documents sent away for and found on Ancestry. I am in the middle of piecing together the story of this family yet the key, concrete connection between my great grandfather Benjamin Lipshitz and the Lipshitz family of 1268 Park Ave he belongs to, remains just beyond my grasp. I am confident as I continue to dig and discover the answers will pop up. In the mean time yesterday I received the marriage certificate for Jennie Rosen, sister to my great grandmother Kate Rosen who married Benjamin Lipshitz. For new readers ( both Kate and Ben were deaf and Jennie was blind, none from birth but from disease)

Carrie Rosen had been my mystery sister of Kate for many years until this September when I discovered that Carrie Rosen was not Carrie but Jennie Rosen. I blogged about this amazing discovery on Sept 6th. Jennie Rosen, sister of my great grandmother Kate, daughter of Selig and Rose Rosen of Somplono, Russia/Poland married a man named Alexander Reiner 11 Oct 1903, in NYC. They went on to have 6 children, one of which was Garson Reiner. Garson went on to become the founder and President of Exquisite Form Brassiere’s. To crack the mystery of Jennie Rosen I had to solve the mystery of this bra company, my only real lead. I had absolutely nothing on Jennie. My cousin Lisa and her mom, my Aunt Rochelle were insistent over the years of a family member being involved in a bra company as well as Rochelle believing this Jennie (who she thought was Carrie) was blind. As recently as this week I have just learned from a new found cousin, Wendy, that Jennie was blind and had gone blind from glaucoma. Isn’t it wonderful when research comes together?

One of the newest documents received is the marriage certificate for Jennie and Alexander.


There are a few things interesting about this certificate that I want to point out. Alexander is widowed. The first few questions coming to mind are to who, what happened to her and did they have children? Looking at Jennie’s information surprises me a little too. Her father’s name is listed Segman, all records we have, list his name as Selig, this must be recorder’s era or perhaps Selig used Segman as well?  Jennie’s mom was Rose, also used Rosie often on records and the last name of ‘Beaber’ is a confirming sign for me. Rose’s maiden name was Beberofsky. On Kate and Benjamin’s marriage license it is written Bibromsky, no idea why, and her father Selig. On their brother Jacob Rosen’s marriage certificate his mother’s name is Rose Beber father Selig. I really feel Beaber and Beber are simply spelling interpretation of the recorder.

In the google book Directory of Social and Health Agencies of New York City, Volume 16 under Hebrew Congregations Brooklyn I found the congregation of

Ahawath Scholom Beth Aaron @ 98 Scholes St., K Solomon 61 Graham Ave – that’s our officiant on the certificate for Jennie and Alexander’s marriage.

                Once the home of Ahawath Scholom Beth Aaron 98 Scholes St., Brooklyn, N.Y. 
                                         Don’t you just want to go inside? I sure do.
But back to Jennie and Alexander who had 6 children, their youngest son, our bra company founder and president Garson Reiner and  now a little research on their 2nd oldest son born the 7 Jan 1906 in Philadelphia, Penn. (another 1st cousins 2x removed) Henry Reiner 


What I love about the above Seaman’s record is the wonderful picture…what a find. In addition note Surf Ave address confirmed by my Aunt Rochelle.


This request above is for a replacement of seaman’s certificate that was destroyed by his 3 year old nephew that got a hold of his wallet.

Jennie and Alexander’s children:

Jacob Reiner 1905–
Henry Reiner 1906–1996 born Penn
Lillian Reiner 1907– born Penn.
Esther Reiner 1910–
Ruth Reiner 1912– born NY
Garson Paul Reiner 1913–2002 born NY

I will continue to research this family and update you as more records are discovered and our families history is uncovered.

Before I sign off on this post I wanted to say hello and so excited to have been found and  connected to another cousin~ Wendy, daughter of Mary Lipschitz sister of my grandmother Myra Lipschitz daughters of…yup….Benjamin and Kate Lipschitz. In my next post I will share some pictures I received from my cousin Beth, Wendy’s younger sister, and some of the memories Wendy has shared with me this last week.






16 years ago I located my birth family, both maternal and paternal side. After literally years of searching, even before the help of the internet, I just couldn't stop searching so I began digging into my new found families past. The journey has been amazing as we connect and reconnect lost and found generations.

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