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Family Photo’s are so much fun!

In  my last post I ended by saying I wanted to share some of the photo’s my cousin Beth shared with me. They were real treasures to receive. For my family reading this blog I hope that you enjoy these photo’s. My great grandparents Benjamin and Kate Lipschitz had three daughters, my grandmother Myra the oldest born 1914, then Esther, 1915 and Mary born 1918. All were born in NYC. Below is a grouping of Mary Lipschitz; Beth and Wendy’s Mom.


Mary Lipschitz Salsbergh approx 1923-1928


Sisters Esther and Mary Lipschitz  approx 1928


This is a great shot of Mary, Myra, Kate and Esther along with baby Beth in 1963. 


We jump ahead to 1966 with a picture of Mary and my great grandmother Kate in 1966 

In the wedding picture and the other, Beth was not sure if it is Roger or Spencer Ralston. (Esther’s sons) I am wondering if it’s not the same son at a different time. Any one know? But below are 2 pictures from the wedding. *** After this posting much has happened. I have actually connected with Spencer and he has shared that the wedding picture is of his brother Roger and wife Shelly and ‘the one in that hideous checked, soon 70’s sports coat’ is him with wife Karen. 

Looking beautiful for the wedding are the 3 sister’s Mary, Esther and Myra. Picture 2 is a great shot of Hyman Salsbergh, Muriel (a cousin)  Al Seiden, Myra’s 2nd husband, Myra and I love seeing my Aunt Brenda (3 years my senior) and Mary. 

Once again a very big thank you to Beth for sharing these wonderful photo’s with me. You have added to the color and depth of our family story. I have never connected with Roger or Spencer. I haven’t been able to find them to reach out. I do know one is in Florida somewhere. I would love to locate them, not only for the sake of connecting with cousins I have never met, which means so much to me, but to continue to round out our family history and add to our story.



16 years ago I located my birth family, both maternal and paternal side. After literally years of searching, even before the help of the internet, I just couldn't stop searching so I began digging into my new found families past. The journey has been amazing as we connect and reconnect lost and found generations.

8 thoughts on “Family Photo’s are so much fun!

    1. Margaret~I feel the same way, what is their story? I love to find old wedding photo’s at antique stores,
      look for the ones with names on the back and then try to hunt down their ancestors to return them!

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