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Will The Real Minnie Lifshitz Please Stand Up

Yesterday I was contacted by a woman researching the Solomon and Sara Marie Lifshitz family. You remember, that breakthrough family living at 1268 Park Ave, the key to my great grandfather Benjamin Lipshitz. She writes….

Hello,I’m the mo-in-law of one of Solomon’s descendants. I’ve done some work on this family and just found your blog posting. I especially found the tombstone photo and death certificate very exciting. Do you have Sarah Mary’s? I do have a correction for you: Minnie Lifshitz, Solomon’s daughter, marries Julius Delan, 18 May 1919 in Manhattan, not Herman Greenwald. The coincidence in sisters names living with the Greenwald’s is noted, but here is the death notice of Elias Lifshitz
Lifshitz–Elias, beloved husband of the late Maria. Loving father of Ruth Phillips, Murray Liasson, Jean Becker, and Anne Schiff, Betty Bobrow, Edith Harrison, Edward Liasson. Adored grandfather  and great-grandfather. Brother of Fannie Ordin, Isadore Lifshitz, Ida Lichtman, Minnie Delan and Dr. Emanuel Lifshutz. Services Friday, April 3, 12:45 P.M. at “The Riverside,” 76th St. and Amsterdam Avenue. NY Times (April 1970)
I don’t have all the census data on the Delan family as I usually do straight line relationships, but I’m sure you can find the information online. I did find a naturalization entry for Minnie in 1953 on and it gives her immigration name as “Michle” on the Estonia in 1911.


I am not sure if I should try and explain the exact mistake from a researchers point of few or just say I knew something was crazy; below taken from previous post….

***I want to mention that ‘something’  was so crazy, which set me looking for Fannie in the first place. It was the 1925 census for Fannie’s sister Minnie Greenwald living in Long Island City, that I first found Fannie 29 along with sister Anna 24 listed as S. L. (sister-in- law) both working as seamstresses. Now knowing Fannie’s husband, I found her listed again in the 1925c with her husband and family living in the Bronx. Their last name is misspelled as Ordien. She is truly in 2 places at one time. So I ask myself, was she visiting and got caught in the census for some reason? Was she there working/sewing with her sisters? Was there a small cottage industry by the woman in the family for extra money? Why is she in two census’s?  ( I had picked up the wrong Minnie Lifshitz, who shared all the same family names, Fannie, Minnie, Ida, Anne..I had also confused a Russian female name on the immigration record. Fanny was not in two places at once, The right Fanny but wrong family but Fanny ‘Ordien’ was our right Fanny…good grief Charlie Brown! 

I had not asked the wrong questions, I should of asked more questions, like what other explanation could there be?  Like the obvious one, do you have the right Minnie Lifshitz in a sea of Minnie Lifshitz/Lipshitz/Lipschitz/Lifschitz spelling? Actually I did ask the question and had sent away for the marriage license of Minnie Lipshitz and Herman Greenwald. Posted below here it is and my writing to the side *mystery to research


The parents names for Minnie did not match up for my Minnie Lipshitz. red  flag went up and I knew I had to go back and find my mistake but hadn’t yet. Thank you to Liz who took the time to write and put me on the right path.


Michle/Minnie Lifshitz was born 10 March 1900 in Huta, Russia. She is the daughter of Solomon H Lifshitz and Sarah Marie Kinoy. Minnie age 9 arrived with her parents and siblings Chaja, 11, Mendel, 6 arriving  8th of Feb 1911. They were traveling to their son.sibling Elias Lifschitz who was already here. Leaving behind, Berko Lifschitz, (who I am not ruling out as my great grandfather Benjamin)

Below is the marriage information for the right Minnie Lifshitz  ( I will request a copy of the certificate)

Name Minnie Lifshitz
Gender Female
Marriage Date 18 May 1919
Marriage Place Manhattan, New York, USA
Spouse Julius Delon
Certificate Number 14474

*1920 census Julius and Minnie have are living at 38 E 98th St. Julius is 22 and working as a  presser in women’s wear. Minnie is listed as 20 and native tongue is Yiddish. Sometimes I forget and hear their voices speaking speaking English but the census reminds us thats Yiddish was most likely the choice of language in our families past homes. I was  unable to find the family in the 1925c but I did find another gem of information for 1925. From the 1925 New York city directory for Julius Delan


We have a home address for Julius 147 W 145th St as well as the address of the stationary store he is working at. Note the last name of his partner, Ordin, this is the husband of Minnie’s sister, Fannie & Abraham Ordin. Julius and Abraham, brother- in- laws  are partners, owning a Stationary/Candy store @ 2415 7th Ave NYC.

By 1930 the Delans have moved to Brooklyn,  531 Henry St. Daniel b. 10 Jan 1921, Hannah b. 27 July 1925, Edith b. 23 June 1925  have been born. Both Julius and Minnie are working as salesman in the Candy store.



In 1940 the family has relocated to Brooklyn, New York and are living at 391 Clinton. Ira Arthur has joined the family being born bat 1935. Also living with them is Minnie’s mom, Mary (Sarah Marie Kinoy Lipshitz) 70 years, widowed.

Wow~ my head is still swimming with this new information. It’s been an unbelievable week or two of break throughs and yes, new cousin connections too. I know I had mentioned being connected to my cousin Wendy in my last post. She was able to remember some details regarding cousin Spencer. With her instinct and knowledgeI I was able to locate him, make contact and he reached out to me with a phone call in return. What a genealogist delight but on the purely personal level, what an honor to make a connection with a cousin I never knew. As I have written before not everyone wants to be found and as a researcher of families past and present a fine line of connecting must be walked. The last week or so I have been heavily researching the paternal side of Spencer’s family for him. Great fun and lots of things to share with him.

But the ghosts of my Lipshitz family are calling me to solve the mystery of Benjamin. Working on some new leads and hope to share soon. I am so thankful for all the connections I have made with all my family. So thankful you are a part of my life.






16 years ago I located my birth family, both maternal and paternal side. After literally years of searching, even before the help of the internet, I just couldn't stop searching so I began digging into my new found families past. The journey has been amazing as we connect and reconnect lost and found generations.

8 thoughts on “Will The Real Minnie Lifshitz Please Stand Up

  1. was just thinking of you and poof there you were… Have a great holiday season.  I hope you are still willing to help me with starting a blog soon.  Even though they probably aren’t the same Lifshitz’s.  they might be  one day they may make a complete circle you never know.  we still might be cousins  

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  2. We’ve all been misled and followed the wrong person in our research. My longest list of people with the same name was Abraham Rosenzweig–it took me forever to figure out which one was the right one! And being misled always reminds us not to make too many assumptions. Good for you for finding the right person!

  3. So confused with what you just sent. Basically how is my grandfather Benjamin related to these people? I’ve never heard any of those names before.

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    1. Beth I will send you an email, but further down in the post the connection and research is explained. Benjamin was living with this Lipschitz family at 1268 Park Ave NYC at the time he married Katie. Trying to discover who this family actually was, Uncle, Aunt and cousins to Benjamin, or older brother with nieces and nephews.

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