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My Great Uncle Jacob Wolf Rosen

Jacob Wolf Rosen was born the 11th of April 1894 in Sompolno, Russia. He was the son of Selig Rosen and Rosa Beberofski, brother to my great grandmother Kate Rosen Lipschitz.

Jacob immigrated at the age of 17 to the United States arriving on board the SS Amerika on the 17 July 1909. His occupation is listed as tailor. Jacob was greeted by his father Selig who was living at 217 102nd St, NYC. Left in Sompolno was his brother Auszer. In 1910c the family of Selig, wife Rose and Jacob were still at the E. 102nd street apt. Selig was working as a Hebrew teacher and Jacob lists his occupation as an operator in a waist factory.

Some time between arriving in 1909 and 1911 Jacob meets Sadie Schoenwetter – Rosset. Sadie was living at 54 Sheriff St NYC with her mother Tillie nee Schoenwetter, (using her maiden name) widow, and 5 sisters, Rose, Rachel, Esther, Lena and Bella. Also living with them was a cousin, Sam Schoenwetter and 2 boarders. On the 28th of December 1911 Jacob and Sadie married at the City Hall.


By 1915 the Jacob and Sadie are living at 68 E 105th St. Jacob occupation was listed as operator. Their first child, a son, Meyer, had been born 27 December 1912 and daughter Esther joined the family 1914. Also in 1915 Jacob filed his Declaration of Intention and then in 1919 he Petitions for Naturalization.


What really jumped out at me about the Naturalization document was one of the witnesses, David Smith, 71 E 97th St. This is Jacob’s sister Rose (Rae) Rosen‘s husband. The address  confirms this is the correct David.  David and Rose’s address on the 1920c was 71 E. 97th St.

**** This is all very exciting for me. As I stated in my last post my immediate family, descending from sister Kate Rosen, had no idea the three sisters, Kate, Rose, and Jennie had brothers. When I get confirmation like the above on the naturalization paper, it’s a great confirmation and stirs me to dig deeper and continue to connect the dots.

In 1917 Jacob registers for WWl. His home address is the same as where he was living in 1920. This is a great document that tells us a lot about Jacob. It list Kalish Sompolno Russia as the place he was born. Today it is known as Kaliska, Sompolno, Poland. Jacob was working for Eichler & Goodman at 274 E 4th St, and it says Jacob had Rheumatism of his left leg. I also have to note that the birthdate recorded is way off. Both his naturalization and ss records have 11 April 1894.



In 1920c the family was still in NYC and as the WWl registration lists they are living at 58 Columbia St. Jacob, 26, is an operator in mens clothing, and a 3rd child, daughter Hannah had joined the family in 1918; also confirmed on the naturalization record.

The family moves once again and in the 1930c they are living at 400 E. Houston St. Jacob’s was 36, and still working as a tailor. Son Meyer was 17, Esther 16, and Hannah – now Anna is 12.

Something happened after 1930 between Jacob and Sadie. In the 1940c, Sadie was the head of household living with son Meyer, using the name Max, and youngest daughter Hannah, still using Anna. They had left Manhattan and were now in Brooklyn at 80 Bush Ave. The census says they were at this address in 1935. Sadie 46, and was listed as divorced. Max  26, was working as a government worker as a clerk for the city corrections dept and Anna was listed simply as a new worker. I think I located Jacob living in Los Angeles.



The address was 80 Bush Ave Los Angeles, he has been there since 1935, owns the home and has his own tailoring shop. The age is off slightly but we know that is very common.

If this is our Jacob, I can’t help but wonder what had happened that sent Jacob to LA. He becames a home and business owner leaving behind Sadie with Max and Anna? That raises the question, what has become of Esther? Did she marry? Could she have relocated to Los Angeles, bringing dad along? Guess it’s time to do some digging.

In the meantime I want to mention that a big thank-you2

is being sent to my cousin Peter Marino for doing some of his own sleuthing and answering the question what had happened to son Abram Rosen from my last post. Peter hails from my Italian ‘Civitano’ family side. He is frequently my go guy because of his thorough and incredible detective work. In my next post I will report on what he discovered for us about Abram/Abraham Rosen.




16 years ago I located my birth family, both maternal and paternal side. After literally years of searching, even before the help of the internet, I just couldn't stop searching so I began digging into my new found families past. The journey has been amazing as we connect and reconnect lost and found generations.

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