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Abraham Unearths a Catskill Connection

I can not continue to tell the story of Abraham Rosen with out telling the story of his wife, Kate Brickman  (again thank you to my Cousin Peter Marino)

Kranie Brickman
New York, New York City Births
Name Kranie Brickman
Event Type Birth
Event Date 09 Jun 1904
Event Place Manhattan, New York, New York, United States
Gender Female
Race White
Father’s Name Ichial Brickman
Father’s Birthplace Russia
Father’s Age 25
Mother’s Name Bruna Palley Brickman
Mother’s Birthplace Russia
Mother’s Age 23
Citing this Record
“New York, New York City Births, 1846-1909,” database, FamilySearch ( : 20 March 2015), Kranie Brickman, 09 Jun 1904; citing Manhattan, New York, New York, United States, reference cn 26149 New York Municipal Archives, New York; FHL microfilm 1,984,239.

Born in 1904, Kranie was listed as Rachel in the 1905c living with parents Israel and Rebecca Brickman at 507 E. 11th Sy NYC, her father’s occupation is listed as janitor/housework. Below is the building where they lived. (listed as 506 E. 11th that is actually across the street, even numbers seem to appear with google earth)

507e11thnyc1910 the family has moved to 466 Amsterdam NYC, Israel is now Jehiel, 30, and has listed his profession as laundry. Rachel is now Kate, 6 and mom is listed as Becky 26. Living with them is a man named Sam Pollack 26, with his occupation listed as laundry owner.

By 1915 the family has grown and Jehiel and Rebecca have added son Jacob, later known as Jesse (1912) and David (1914). Jehiel’s occupation is still listed as laundry. The family has moved to 335 E 55th St, NYC. Sam Pollack is no longer with them but David 27 and Esther 24 Olshan are. David is a musician. I love ‘google earth’ especially when I can find old buildings in tac as they may have stood in our ancestors time. Below is a picture of a basement laundry business with a great shingle laundry sign on the wall above. It is directly across the street from their apt address which is now a huge parking garage. I want to imagine that this possibly could have been the business that Jehiel moved his family for, or what his business might have looked like at back in 1915/20.


In 1918 Jehiel Brickman like all able bodied men registers for the draft.


By 1920 the family moves again this time just a few blocks south to 424 E 51st St. Jehiel is now 40, and is a laundry owner. Kate, 15 will soon meet Abraham Rosen, my 2nd great Uncle and they will marry 11 Nov 1924, NYC. The next few years will bring dramatic  changes for this family of Brickmans, and a very exciting discovery as well.

A quick check of other’s researching this family led me to two other people both listing Jehiel’s death in South Fallsburg, NY, so I began looking in that area for Brickman’s. Well, if there is any one reading this that is aware of ‘Brickmans’ in the ‘Catskills’ you may know where I am going with this.

Jehiel Brickman dies in 1928. He is 47.

Name: Jeckiel Brickman
Death Date: 19 Jun 1928
Cemetery: Mount Lebanon Cemetery
Burial or Cremation Place: Glendale, Queens County, New York, USA

I was not able to locate him in the 1925c however, I located the two Brickman boys, Jesse and David living in Sullivan County, South Fallsburg, NY.  Jehiel may have been sick already and the boys have gone to live with family.

Back to the 1925 census. I found the boys living with their grandmother Molly Brickman, 65, hotel manager along with son’s Hill, Joseph, & Benjamin; listed as managers; Jesse 13, David 11, along with other grandchildren Marjorie 6, & Alan 1; daughter Anna Posner and her husband Joseph both listed as hotel managers with sons Murray 13, and Benjamin 11. This is the Brickman family of The Brickman Hotel of Catskills fame. Abraham Rosen my 2nd great Uncle married Kate Brickman granddaughter of the family owners of The Brickman.


As I was preparing to blog this new discovery I also fell upon this fantastic picture with my great Aunt Mary Lipschitz married to Hy Salsbergh, 2 of 3 daughters and assorted others enjoying one of the Bungalow colonies in the Catskills. Mary is in the middle row on the end with Hy up front in the white t-shirt.


Of course the question that comes to mind is did our family, or family members back then know about the Brickman connection? Abraham Rosen and Kate Brickman Rosen were Aunt and Uncle to Mary Lipshitz Salsbergh. Mary’s mother Kate was sister to Abraham. The connection was very close and I have to believe at one time the family was connected enough to know of each other. However today the connection of Abraham even as a brother to Kate Rosen Lipschitz has been lost to many descendants, well to my branch that is.

As I continued to research Abraham and Kate I was unable to find them. Cousin Peter to the rescue once more; for some reason Abraham began using the name Harry. On the 1940 census he is using Harry and he and Kate, now 36 are living in Queens at 30-06 29th St. Daughter Renee is 14 having been born abt 1926. Also living with them is Kate’s mom Beckie Brickman, 53, widowed. The census also indicates that in 1935 the family residence was in Union City, Hudson, New Jersey. Harry is listed as Proprietor of Restaurant.

The only other record I found for Harry was a 1958 city directory listing for them in Maryland.

Harry Rosen
Gender Male
Residence Year 1958
Street Address 9100 Wire av Sil Sp
Residence Place Silver Spring, Maryland, USA
Spouse Kate Rosen
Publication Title Silver Spring, Maryland, City Directory, 1958
Household Members
Harry Rosen
Kate Rosen

As for their daughter Renee, I did find an obituary for Renee; she died 6 Oct 2001,Washington, DC. I did not locate any other children of Abraham/Harry Rosen. The reason for the name change goes unsolved along with what restaurant he managed, or his laundry business name but what has been discovered for me is that my great grandmother had a brother, and his name was Abraham. My great grandmother traveled here to the United States with him to seek a better life and they both found it. I think they were close despite the age difference and their bond was sealed on that journey over. They now are both sealed and alive within my heart.

Mount Lebanon Cemetery, Glendale, Queens, NY seems to hold a family plot for our Brickman connection. * are the family members I have identified in this post.

Name Last, First Middle (A/K/A) Location Society Date of Death
*BRICKMAN, JECKIEL 50-277-REAR-3 6/19/1928
*BRICKMAN, JESS J. 50-277-FRONT-7 & PART OF 6 2/14/2004
*BRICKMAN, JOSEPH H-10-7-6 LOMZER 12/14/1971
BRICKMAN, LEO H-10-R/1-12 LOMZER 4/27/1950
*BRICKMAN, REBECCA 50-277-REAR-2 11/13/1959



16 years ago I located my birth family, both maternal and paternal side. After literally years of searching, even before the help of the internet, I just couldn't stop searching so I began digging into my new found families past. The journey has been amazing as we connect and reconnect lost and found generations.

9 thoughts on “Abraham Unearths a Catskill Connection

    1. I found the name change’s odd too, and also they moved so much and that seems odd to me. I wonder if there is a Brickman connection? You’ll have to research that and I’ll be anxious to hear what you come up with 🙂

      1. I need to get more information about my cousin’s husband’s father’s family. Are you certain those are all the same people? With the moves and multiple name changes, I wondered how you decided they were the same family!

  1. Amy~ I have revisited my research as well as sending off a query to the woman I believe may be the daughter/or granddaughter of the sister of Jehiel and Rebecca. Do I have your email address?-you can message me on TTT with it if you like and as you develop leads we can compare. I am 98% positive I have followed the line perfectly to prove. Plus a family member has chimed in with recollection and memory of this family now, visiting Brickman’s.

  2. Jeilh Brickman died in a car accident in 1928. By this time he was no longer in the laundry business. A few years before, 1928, he moved this family to South Fallsburg, NY to live and work at the family hotel. I am not exactly sure why he left the laundry to move to the country. I have a photo of the car he was killed in.

    1. How sad for Jeilh and his family to face this tragedy. I wonder if there was a newspaper article that could be found on this accident. That’s amazing there is a photo of the car even. Thank you for sharing this additional information.

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