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A is for Abraham Rosen continued

Two post ago I wrote about Abraham Rosen, brother to my great grandmother Kate Rosen Lipschitz. Abraham was born in 1900, Sompolno, Russia/Poland and immigrated with Kate when he was 11 to his parents in N.Y.C. Nothing about him was known to me until I began to research and asked the question; who was Abraham Rosen.

Please meet Abraham Rosen, 4th man, taller, back row from the right, next to his wife Kate Brickman with the hat on.


After discovering who Abraham had married I began looking into the family and realized she might be connected to the Brickman Hotel, Catskil mountain, Borscht Belt fame. A query sent to a woman named Patti, who I suspected was connected to family was answered almost instantly, I had found the family. Patti shared the news with cousin’s named Rita and Neil and soon I was wrapped in the arms of Brickman information. Here is a correspondence with Neil, directly descending from Abraham and Kate, his mother was Renee, their only child.

Hi Sharon. Thank you for reaching out. I am Neil, oldest grandson of Harry and Kate Rosen. Thank you for your research . We never really had much information on Harry’s family because of his story which is sort of sad. Harry was born in 1900 the youngest of a large family of much older sisters. The family only had enough money to send his sisters to America piecemeal. At some point around 12 yrs old Harry was the last one left in Poland and had to stay with the rabbis family since all the sisters were here in America Staying with the rabbi as an extra mouth to feed wasn’t exactly like the ritz Carlton Around 1915 Harry finally arrived in the USA by himself the parents had died and all of his older sisters by then had their own families. So he was on his own completely at around 16. No high school. No college. Soon after that one summer he met Kate brickman and the rest is history. Certainly stay in touch and feel free to reach out and I would like to hear about the sisters. Neil

Neil’s email intrigued me as much of it rang true. There were a couple of details that did not jive with what I had pieced together however the story it’s self is probably a mixture of both. Abraham came at 11 years old or so the immigration documents say, Kate was 22 and the last of the 3 sisters to come over. The girls certainly were much older than him. His parents had not died which is interesting but remember I never found Abraham from the time he arrived living with his parents in any census. Perhaps there had been a falling out or the story told to Neil had morphed and changed. If Abraham had been 15 when he came over, by the 1915c he would have been 19 already and very probably own his own. At this point there is no way to know if he did live with a sister unless I find a city directory of the period for him. When Neil noted the story about staying with the Rabbis family I thought, most probably since his father Selig, on all census records, record his occupation as a Hebrew teacher. So we are beginning to get a real picture of how strong, independent, and determined our Abraham was.

Below is the marriage record of Kate and Abraham from


Citing this Record
“New York, New York City Marriage Records, 1829-1940,” database, FamilySearch ( : 20 March 2015), Abraham Rosen and Kate Brickman, 11 Nov 1924; citing Marriage, Manhattan, New York, New York, United States, New York City Municipal Archives, New York; FHL microfilm 1,643,297.

The next and only other document I have found so far to identify this family of Abraham and Kate is the 1940c with Abraham using the name of Harry Rosen. I was able to identify this as the correct family because of daughter Renee, and his mother in law living with them; Beckie Brickman.



I want to get back to the wonderful picture shared with me by Patti. The picture she shared is a wedding photo of her parents Benjamin Posner, son of Anna Brickman m to Joseph Posner. Anna was the sister to Jehiel Brickman. Beckie on this census is Kate’s mother Rebecca, who had married Jehiel. The other wonderful descendant I have connected with is   Rita and she is the daughter of of Jacob/Jesse Brickman, Kates brother.

WoW, let me straighten this Brickman family out for everyone

Molly Binsky/Bensky marreid Abraham Brickman and had children

Jehiel, Joseph, Benjamin, and Anna 

Jehiel married Rebecca and had

*Kate, **Jacob/Jesse, David 

*I descend from Abraham Rosen who married Kate Brickman *Neil descends from Kate who married Abraham Rosen  ** Rita descends from Jacob/Jesse, her father

Anna married Joseph Posner and had children

Bebe, Murray, Benjamin 

Benjamin married Rachel Berson 

Patti descends from Benjamin who is her father

Back to this wonderful of photo 1937


top row left to right

*David Brickman; Rose Brickman m to Benjamin (Jehiel’s brother);* Jacob/Jesse Brickman; Marjorie (daughter of Benj & Rose) Benjamin Brickman; Abraham/Harry Rosen; wife Kate Brickman in hat  *correction was made for these to brothers I had in original post mixed up. TY to Rita for correcting me 🙂

middle row left to right

Matriarch Molly Brickman; Anna Brickman Posner; wedding couple Benjamin Posner & Rachel Berson

seated on floor

Renee Rosen on left;  Bebe on right

So wonderful to meet the Brickman family 80 years later ~ 80 incredible years later





16 years ago I located my birth family, both maternal and paternal side. After literally years of searching, even before the help of the internet, I just couldn't stop searching so I began digging into my new found families past. The journey has been amazing as we connect and reconnect lost and found generations.

14 thoughts on “A is for Abraham Rosen continued

  1. You are amazing my friend!

    On Mon, Jan 2, 2017 at 8:28 AM, Branches of our Haimowitz – Civitano Family Tree wrote:

    > nwpaintedlady posted: “Two post ago I wrote about Abraham Rosen, brother > to my great grandmother Kate Rosen Lipschitz. Abraham was born in 1900, > Sompolno, Russia/Poland and immigrated with Kate when he was 11 to his > parents in N.Y.C. Nothing about him was known to me until I be” >

  2. Wow, what an incredible connection—to have found Neil! Family stories are always tricky—they contain some truth, some myth. I was confused at first as to who Harry was! I’ve never known anyone named Abraham to use the nickname Harry. Good luck as you continue to work out all the details of that amazing family story.

        1. I don’t know much about his family, and he’s sort of funny about privacy so I don’t want to give out names online.

  3. So great to connect to my Uncle Harry’s (who knew his name was Abraham!) Family. One correction: In the wedding photo, my father, Jess, is 3rd from upper left. His brother, Davey, is 1st on upper left.

  4. Way too confusing! How exactly are we related to these people, i.e. Second cousin once removed? How are we related to Neil and where do they all live now? Thanks and again you’re the best!

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Hi Beth~ Abraham aka Harry is your grandmother Kate Rosen Lipschitz younger brother. He married a woman named Kate Brickman (yes the same first name) So Abraham is your grand uncle. Neil is your 2nd cousin. The other two are a little more confusing but Rita is the neice of the wife of your great uncle. Her father is brother to your great uncle Abraham. And Patti well we are related through marriage of Kate Brickman to Abraham Rosen, there is no blood tie. Her father is brother to Kate Brickman. Hope this helps Beth. I will send a private email as well.

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