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Who Was Rose (Ray) Rosen?

I have written about my great grandmother Kate Lipschitz nee Rosen, her sister Jennie Rosen who married Alexander Reiner and the discovery of their son Garson Paul Reiner. Garson was the founder of Exquisite Form Bra’s. I have blogged about their brother Jacob Rosen who married Sadie Schoenwetter/Rossett and most recently about brother Abraham, known as Harry  Rosen who married  Kate Brickman of Catskill fame. Also immigrating to America was their sister Rose (Ray) Rosen who married a man name David Smith. I couldn’t be confronted with two more common names to try and research. As I began putting together a time line for Rose and David and looking at and for records, I had no known direct descendants of this branch to talk with.

Who was Rose Rosen? Rose was the 4th child born to Selig Rosen and Rose Rosen nee Beberofsky/Bibrowsky. Rose was born about 1891 in Somplono, Russia/Poland, the birthplace of all her siblings and parents. Named after her mother which seems odd to me with name customs, but nothing surprises me anymore, she was known mostly as Ray. From now on I will refer to her as Rose2 as not to confuse her with her mother. All census records indicate that Rose2 immigrated in 1906 but I have been unable to find her immigration papers or naturalization records; but I haven’t given up.

I first located Rose2 in the 1915c. She was already married to a man named David Smith, 33 who was working as a tinsmith. Rose2, 24 years old, had been residing in the US for 9 years. That put her at about 15when traveling in about 1906. With that information and expanding my search a few years on each side I was still unable to find anything that I could say difinatelvy was her. David and Rose2 were living at 219 E 102nd St, NYC. They were in the same building with Rose2’s parents, Selig and Rose. Rose2 and David had started a family and daughter ‘Gussie’ 7, had arrived. (later known as Gertrude) Gussie’s birth year would be about 1907/8.

After searching on Ancestry and FamilySearch for information on David, I went to Fold3 to look for a draft record and after few tries, there he was. The address was spot on for their 1920c address. According to the birthdate recorded he is a lot older than what he records on his census.


In 1920 the family was living at 71 E. 97th St, NYC, the same address in 1918on the draft record. They are just doors down from Rose2’s sister, my great grandmother, Kate and Benjamin Lipschitz at 69 E 97th St. David was 40 and working as a merchant, Rose was home caring for Gussie, now 12 and baby Muriel 2 3/12 months had joined them. Of interest to me and possibly a mistake by the recorder on the census it clearly stated David was a merchant and then G. Merchant, or ‘general’ I assume for type. The 1915 lists him as a tinsmith, WWI doc working at a metal company as a tinsmith, could the worker mindlessly written merchant for mechanic? It seems out of place to me.

What amazes me when I am researching and putting together a blog post is how sometimes documents and family history seems to miraculously come together, answering questions never even asked. Remember brother Abraham/Harry Rosen, the youngest of the Rosen siblings who married Kate Brickman? Well yesterday, the wedding certificate I had sent away for arrived. Abraham/Harry was living with his sister Rose2, husband David, nieces Gussie and Muriel @ 71 E 97th St at the time of his marriage to Kate.


It’s hard sometimes to put a family together and prove the connection when they are not living together during census years and this was the case with our Rosen family. It has taken quite a lot to connect the children and prove their connection. This marriage certificate helps document the connection for us.

A search for the family in the 1925 census came up with nothing I could find, but by 1930 the family had moved to the Bronx and were living at 124 Featherbed Lane. David, 50, was in metal works business and is managing his own shop. Rose 41, was a homemaker, Gussie, 21, was now using her given name of Gertrude and working as a stenographer at a publishing house and Muriel was 12. Below is the building they lived at on Featherbed Lane The entrance is the red door to the right next to the Fresh Meats Produce.


Some time between 1930 and 1940 the family had left the Bronx for Brooklyn. Gertrude had married and divorced but had a son named Richard now 2 years old in the 1940 census (1938 birth) Gertrude was living home with her parents David and Rose2 and is using the name of Gil. Muriel was 22 and working as a lamp shade worker. David, Rose and Gil were working as candy store helpers. The census record lists David and Rose as unpaid family workers and Gil as employer. The address in Brooklyn was 2418 Mermaid Ave. In addition to the birth of their first grandson, Rose will lose both her parents sometime between 1930 an 1940.

A look at the 1942 WWII draft registration shows David as unemployed and an invalid. My first thought is that he may have been injured doing the metal work.


Finding the death records for Rose2 and David Smith is going to take an act of divine intervention by G-d with their names. I have already sent away for documents that have proved not to be either of them. But I like what I have found out about Rose and David so far. I’ll keep digging and will update as records are uncovered.






16 years ago I located my birth family, both maternal and paternal side. After literally years of searching, even before the help of the internet, I just couldn't stop searching so I began digging into my new found families past. The journey has been amazing as we connect and reconnect lost and found generations.

5 thoughts on “Who Was Rose (Ray) Rosen?

  1. I do love when a document I requested for one purpose ends up including clues to someone else, as you found with the marriage record for Rose and David. Lots of good stuff here, Sharon. Is it possible that Rose2 was born Rachel (hence Ray) and that she Americanized it to Rose?

    1. Very possible, like that suggestion Amy; time to start investigating that angle…btw half way through your book and loving it; excited to finish and send to me 14 yr old granddaughter-I think she will love it and really open her eyes to life during that time

      1. Thank you, Sharon! I love that you will share it with your granddaughter. I really did write it thinking of the next generation and how important it will be for them to understand our ancestors’ lives.

  2. Did I ever send you a picture I have of Muriel from a wedding? I remember meeting her as a kid and my mother referring to her as her cousin Muriel. I’m not sure if she ever married or had children.

    Also I tried responding directly in blog but not easy – I happened to be visiting my kids a few weeks ago in city. We were in taxi going to a brunch place and all of a sudden it we were on Allen St and passed the place you mentioned where Aunt Myra got married! So cool!!

    What is name of place you used for DNA testing? I want to get it done. Thanks, Beth

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Hi Beth- not sure I have that picture of Muriel, I don’t think so; send it please 🙂 Way cool going past Allen ST and where Myra married! I must get back to the city. I tested with Ancestry. I’ll pm you about getting you a kit if you’d like 🙂

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