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Gil Smith’s 2nd marriage to Alex Sinrod

Nothing new on the parents of Golde/Gertrude/Gussie/Gil Smith, Rose Smith nee Rosen and David Smith but a few wonderful leads and yes pictures have surfaced for Gil and her 2nd husband Alex Sinrod. I am so excited to share these pictures with my family.

Gil Smith is my 2nd cousin 2x removed born, 27 Aug 1907 in New York. In the snap shot of the 1940 census below, Gil is living with her parents, sister Muriel and 2 year old son Richard. The census indicates that Gil is divorced. The family address is at 2418 Mermaid Ave. David, Ray and Gil are all working as candy store helpers and Muriel is a lampshade worker.


Where the family was living.

2418MermaidAve .jpg

I had written in my last post that I had hoped to connect with a Sinrod and am excited to report that I have. While not a descendant of Alex, I have been in touch with the son of Alex’s brother Nathan Sinrod. A big thank you must go out to J.K. Sinrod for sharing this absolutely wonderful and unbelievable picture with us….I would like to introduce you to

Mr. and Mrs. Alex & Gil Sinrod  


I do not have a wedding date for the couple. I do know that Alex served in the Marine Corp, enlisting in April 1942 and was not released from service until 28 Sept 1945. Nothing that I found indicated he was married prior to enlisting or that he wasn’t.

This is another picture that was shared with me. Alex is the dashing young man on the end with the bow tie and it appears he is in a tuxedo. In the middle are his parents Benjamin and Beckie Sinord, his brother Nathan on the other end next to his gorgeous wife Lillian/Libby Feingold/Reingold. Sitting are sister’s Blanche and Selma.


I simply must share the wedding picture of Nathan and Lillian/Libby Sinrod


I love this picture, I love wedding pictures period, however the simplicity of this gown and Lillian are strikingly stunning.


I look at this picture of Alex and Gil Sinrod below and can only do one thing; smile along with them. Their story is so incomplete yet their smiles say it all for me. We lived, we loved. Gil and Alex you are thought of and remembered.




Gil is buried at Beth David Cemetery in Hempstead, New York. Alex is buried in a family plot along with his father Benjamin, mother Beckie and sister Blanche at New Montefiore, West Babylon, New York.



16 years ago I located my birth family, both maternal and paternal side. After literally years of searching, even before the help of the internet, I just couldn't stop searching so I began digging into my new found families past. The journey has been amazing as we connect and reconnect lost and found generations.

2 thoughts on “Gil Smith’s 2nd marriage to Alex Sinrod

  1. What a lovely post! It gave me goosebumps. These are amazing photographs. I am so happy you were able to make contact with some of the relatives and that they were so kind as to share these with you.

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