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A Sinrod Family connection linked to the Feingold Family

For some time now I have been researching the Rosen Family of Sompolno, Russia/Poland. I had been waiting for documents for Rose, a daughter of Selig and Rose Rosen my 2x great grandparents. While working on their daughter, more affectionately known as Ray, one thing led to another and well as you can imagine sometimes the sky opens up and rains more family connections which is what was the case. I soon connected with a 2nd cousin 1x removed. In fact I blogged about this connection in

Gil Smith’s 2nd Marriage to Alex Sinrod 

This next post is for the descendants of Gil and the family of brother Nathan Sinrod to Alex Sinrod. One of my new found cousins asked me to look into his maternal side which he knew very little about. This post is dedicated to him and his family.

Lillian Libby Feingold

You were right about Libby’s parents names.

Lillian was born 16 August 1916. She was the 5th living of 9 children born to Jacob and Anna Feingold. Lillian’s father Jacob, was born abt. 1872 and mother Anna/Annie abt. 1870. All documents found indicate that they were most likely born in the Minsk area Belarus area of Russia. I first found Jacob in the 1910 Brooklyn census. They are living at 71-75 Amboy St. Jacob is working as a presser of mens clothing. His year of immigration is noted as 1898. He is 38 years old and has been married for 18 years to Anna/Annie. He can not read or write.  Feingold1.jpg


(Not confirmed but possibly your Jacob is in the  1905c record – Jacob Feingold, 30 years old, boarder, @82 Willett St NYC, tailor living with Max Blum 65 and Gussie Blum 60)

Jacob’s wife Annie was born abt. 1870 and according to the census document she has had 9 births with only 3 living children, that certainly seems like a very high death rate for the first 6. The record indicates this is a first marriage for them both (m1) married for 18 years (1892) This is our first glimpse into the family of Lillian. The first son listed is William (15)  b. 14 April 1895 Russia. William’s birth year would indicate that 6 prior births is highly unlikely.  Julius (12) follows b abt. 1898 Russia and then Ida b. abt 1905 in Brooklyn, New York.  Annie’s immigration date is 1903 –   I have not been able to locate any immigration records for them at this time.

Above, I have made a correction to my first posting of this blog due to the great eye by  fellow blogger Amy Cohen of ‘Brotmanblog: A Family Journey’ she found a error in my research she also made an astute observation to my original thinking steering me in a right direction. Amy wrote “My guess is that the six children who died were born before, between, and after the three who survived–perhaps one before 1895, one between 1895 and 1898. and then several between 1898 and 1905. People had babies almost every other year, so if they married in 1893, they might have a child in 1893, 1895 (who lived), 1897, 1898 (who lived), 1900, 1902, 1904, 1905 (who lived), 1907—something like that?” When I first looked at the census my thought with the 6 child deaths and 3 living equated to 6 prior to those 3 and not probable attributing it to a census error. Thank you Amy 🙂 

The next time I locate this family in a census is in 1920.  (I could find nothing for them in the 1915 New York census) They have moved and are living at 1840 Pitkin Ave, Brooklyn. Jacob is working as a longshoreman on the Piers. He is 48, still has alien status and imm. date is now 1900.


Here we learn that Annie has passed away and Jacob is listed as (W) for widow. Lillian is Lilly and 3 years old. Annie has died sometime between the birth of Lillian and 1920c. I located this death record which we can send away for if you would like. What we could learn from it is: if in fact this is our Annie, possibly her parents names if they were known by who recorded the death, and the cause of her death. This would take you back a generation and could lead to more information.


My trail for Jacob after 1920 goes completely cold. I can not find him with 2nd wife Bessie. I can not locate him in the 1925 census with daughters Sadie who would be abt. 11 and Lily abt. 9. You had mentioned a child Sam, I could find nothing with his name either. The only document I came up with is a 1940c for a Jacob Feingold 69 yrs old married to a woman named Rose. They are living on Hopkins Ave, same address as in 1935. This Jacob is still an alien which is consistent with his other records. This record does not indicate length or number of marriages.

I want to go back to something absolutely fabulous that I located regarding this family. I was able to identify where in Minsk this family was living prior to immigrating to the US.

The town the family was in was: LIBISHAUA –as spelled on William Feingold’s naturalization papers.

Home » Databases » JewishGen Locality Page – Lyubeshiv, Ukraine
Lyubeshiv, Ukraine  Alternate names: Lyubeshiv [Ukr], Lyubeshov [Rus], Lubashov [Yid], Lubieszów [Pol], Lyubeshuv, Lyubeshev, Lyubashevo, Ljubesi Region: Minsk

JGFF Town Search (14 Matches)
Town District Province Country
Before WWI (c. 1900): Lyubeshov Pinsk Minsk Russian Empire
Between the wars (c. 1930): Lubieszów Kamień Koszyrski Polesie Poland
After WWII (c. 1950): Lyubeshov Soviet Union
Today (c. 2000): Lyubeshiv Ukraine



I tried downloading 2x to see if I could get 1st document clearer for you. The 2nd you should be able to read. We have the declaration of intention with a 1914 date and the next page is the Petition for Naturalization with a date of 28 Sept, 1916. A couple of clues  piece together this families story. In 1916 William was living at the Pitkin address. I have a birthday for Lillian/Libby as 16 Aug 1916, so we know the family was at that address in 1916. William is 21 and living at his parents home working as a Cap maker and will marry next years to a woman named Lillian Shiner. Below is his WWI draft registration. He is married and his wife is expecting their first child.


William married a woman named Lillian Shriner. They had 3 sons that I have been able to find. Emanuel abt. 1920, Arnold Wilbur abt. 1923 and Leonard Charles abt. 1927

As I write I am not sure if you even knew about these 2 men. You had only given me the woman’s names, Sadie, Ida and Lilly. Julius was born 16 April 1897. His petition to naturalize only indicates the birth location of Minsk and arrived in 1903, William’s has an arrival of 1902. I have made numerous attempts to locate the immigration records using the dates and ships name but have still come up with nothing. 32126_22580690146357-00726

Name Julius Feingold
Petition Age 30
Record Type Petition
Birth Date 16 Apr 1897
Birth Place Minsk, Russia
Arrival Date 16 Mar 1903
Arrival Place New York
Petition Date 7 Nov 1927
Petition Place New York, USA
Spouse Esther
Children Milton,Bella
Household Members
Name Age
Julius Feingold
Esther Melnick

I want to pass on Ida also recording in a census as Ada and Sadie since you most likely know about them and jump right to

Lillian Lily Libby 


This is really what started it all Lillian ‘Reingold’ really Feingold. When we first began corresponding you had said Reingold for her last name, then a few searches and I asked if it was a typo and you said yes….well actually a typo but you were right. Her wedding record does state Reingold and that is why you thought Reingold it was. That must be the typo.

With 3 sons, naming their 3 sons Nathan, 2 marring Lillian’s it took me a few graph drawings to get it straight, and of course William went and married a Lillian. Records available become limited up to 1940. I did find a census for 1940 for Nate and Lily – in Brooklyn, the ages are off a few years, Nate is a lawyer in private practice. Is this your folks?  It can not be our other Nate in DC because he is recorded there with Lillian and his 2 children working as a CPA.

Well this just about wraps up what I have been able to find with an initial search. If you are able to find your parent’s wedding documents, that would be wonderful. I would love to see a copy of it and see what we can learn from that. If you know anything more that might help me find Jacob and this Bessie, please let me know. I will continue to look for the immigration records too.

I think finding the town Libby’s family came from is so exciting and of course lots of googling of this place and checking records from there would come next. I looked on Yad Vashem. There are 25 pages with various spellings of Feingold to look at, not all from Belarus area of course. I think it would be smart to send away for the death record I found for Anna. It could provide some important info and then maybe not. The fee is nominal I would be happy to do this if you would like to continue.

Thank you for providing me with some fun research….always up for a new project.




16 years ago I located my birth family, both maternal and paternal side. After literally years of searching, even before the help of the internet, I just couldn't stop searching so I began digging into my new found families past. The journey has been amazing as we connect and reconnect lost and found generations.

4 thoughts on “A Sinrod Family connection linked to the Feingold Family

  1. My guess is that the six children who died were born before, between, and after the three who survived–perhaps one before 1895, one between 1895 and 1898. and then several between 1898 and 1905. People had babies almost every other year, so if they married in 1893, they might have a child in 1893, 1895 (who lived), 1897, 1898 (who lived), 1900, 1902, 1904, 1905 (who lived), 1907—something like that?

    If they immigrated in 1903, how could Ida who was born in 1905 have been born in Russia? Did I miss something?


      1. Amy ~ Thank you so much for catching that error with Ida. She was born in Brooklyn, New York and I have corrected my post. Also your thought and clarity on the 6 births seems so obvious now. Thank you for pointing that out and steering me in the right direction. I have made note of it on the blog too. I so appreciate your input and the fact you take the time to read and think about what I write.

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