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Connecting my 2x great grandfather David Lipshitz to brother Harry through DNA

It seems like forever since I have posted to our family blog. My nose has been deep in many projects over the last few months, some ours, some for friends, all interesting and time consuming. Mostly I have been enjoying posts by some of my favorite bloggers and following the many genealogy FB groups I follow. It’s amazing how much time I can spend and the hours and days I can get lost in the past. But I also have been enjoying the beautiful weather, working in my gardens and preparing for the summer farewell visit from my daughter and family before they head over to Okinawa for a 3 year tour of duty for my career military son-in-law. I am going to miss them all terribly. The time difference is going to make collaborating with my #1 collaborator and fellow genealogy enthusiast~ my daughter Marissa ~ difficult.

In the meantime, I have returned to some past research for our Lipschitz family and a DNA match that I can’t for the life of me figure out. However it did lead me to another DNA shared discovery. To refresh your memory my great grandfather was Benjamin Lipshitz born 10 Nov 1883-1887, Slutsk, Minsk, Belarus. This is my grandfather who was deaf and married Kate Rosen also deaf, both from childhood illnesses. Death, social security and marriage records all confirm that Benjamin’s parents were: father; David Lipshitz with records differing, mother; Yetta Pallai, Edith Palay, and Gitel. Benjamin’s family had always been a mystery but through persistent research I was able to match Benjamin to many cousins and family members – namely Solomon Lipshitz and his wife Sarah Mary Kinoy. I still have not been able to prove if Solomon was an uncle or cousin.  David, his father, has continued to just be a name out there for me to continue to research. I think I might of come up with something through a DNA match with me on Ancestry. First let me go back to the 1900 Brooklyn census for David and his wife Eva and kids. Could Eva be another named used in addition to Yetta, Edith, and Gitel?



I have been coming back to this record for years now as possibly my Benjamin and family. Benjamin is listed as 13, born in 1886/87. Records differ on his age with his marriage license born 1887, social security 1884, and death 1883. I tend to go with the most distant record (which would be his marriage license in 1913) as the most accurate and in this case the years seem to match up perfectly.

Something else I want to throw in while looking at this census, my Aunt Rochelle has continually affirmed that she can remember going to a chicken farm as a young girl that belonged to a relative. That is all she can remember. Not where who’s. David is a chicken dealer on this census. Just a coincidence? Could be. I don’t believe David was managing the farm or ranch that Rochelle went to see but perhaps it still was in existence in the 40’s tended by one of David’s sons. I don’t know…just throwing out my thoughts on this.

Back to that census and something I can say for sure. Take a look at the last listing for Harry age 14 brother to David. Through Ancestry DNA I had a 5th to 8th cousin match to a woman who descends from the 1912 marriage of this Harry Lipshitz to Mary Litowitz. Her great grandfather was Harry – brother to “this believed” my  2x great grandfather David – (Benjamin’s father) Our most recent common relative would be the unknown parents of these 2 brothers.

Of course I am no expert on DNA and/or finding matches. In fact, I have had very little luck in connecting this way but I am on the hunt and feeling pretty confident with this connection, tipping the scale past the 50% mark. So, as this connection unfolds, I will continue to post as I uncover more information to prove or disprove this connection.



16 years ago I located my birth family, both maternal and paternal side. After literally years of searching, even before the help of the internet, I just couldn't stop searching so I began digging into my new found families past. The journey has been amazing as we connect and reconnect lost and found generations.

3 thoughts on “Connecting my 2x great grandfather David Lipshitz to brother Harry through DNA

  1. Good to see you back, but also good that you are out doing other things. How long will your son-in-law be stationed in Okinawa?
    I have also seen multiple names for people on census reports—I think most people continued to use their Yiddish names, but when census enumerators came either they or the person used a more “American” name. I’ve seen my grandmother Gussie (Gittel) as Augusta and Grace on census records–neither was ever a name she used.

    As for DNA, 5th to 8th is pretty far out, especially for Jewish DNA. I hope you can find records to corroborate your assumptions!

    1. Amy~ Glad to be back. They will be there for 3 years. My granddaughter will be 17 on return and grandson, 11 yikes! We are talking visit in Hawaii half way through tour. (none of us have been) Names and census records are a great jigsaw puzzle for sure. 5th to 8th is pretty far out there, in fact I never look at them but this came about while looking at a 3rd to 4th we both share. I was so surprised at how easy it was to spot once I graphed it out. But I know I could be on a wild goose chase with this one 🙂

      1. Hawaii sounds great–I’d love to go there. And isn’t a lot of genealogy wild goose chasing? Who knows—it might pan out! Good luck!

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