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The Tragic Death of Rosa Rosen

In past posts I have written about my 2x great grandmother Rojza Ruchel (Rosa) Beberofsky wife of my 2x great grandfather Selig Rosen. Rosa and Selig were the parents of 7 children. Mirel, Jennie, Kate (my great grandmother), Rose, Auzer, Abraham and Jacob Rosen. I have written about their children with the exception of Mirel and Auzer. I have not been able to find anything to confirm that they immigrated to America along with everyone else.

I first found Selig and Rose in the 1910c with Selig’s occupation listed as teacher, hebrew, Synagogue, which remained consistent through out his career. I lost track of them after 1930. In an effort to follow their story I had been systematically sending away for death certificates for each of them, Rose and Selig. Needless to say I have received quite a few wrong documents but I have kept to my path in order to discover and round out the story behind these two great grandparents. Selig’s death still eludes me as I wait for his document, sent a week after Rosa.

Today was a day of jewels found and instead of writing ‘not the right Rosa’ on the document,  I can say this is the death certificate of my 2x  great grandmother Rosa Rosen mixed with joy and sadness at learning the cause of her death. At age 67 (approx.) Rosa fell to her death from her 1st story window at 54 E. 103 St, Manhattan. Nature of injury; a fractured skull. Such tragedy for her family, her children, her husband Selig.



Rosa’s is buried at Riverside Cemetery in Saddlebrook, New Jersey. This is an exclusively Jewish cemetery established in 1906. I also sent away for a death certificate for a Selig Rosen also buried at this cemetery with a death date of 17 June 1940. I am quite certain this will be our Selig, but there is always room for error and assumption gone wrong. If this is him, with a little less than a month after losing his precious wife Rosa he passes, my mind wanders and I can’t help but think he died of a broken heart. It will be interesting to learn what his document says. I am imagining the children, grown with their own children, the families left behind to mourn the lose of both parents. This must have been a tremendous blow to the family.

My grandmother, Myra, was 25 and her mother Kate, Rosa’s daughter was 47. Myra must have known of her grandmother’s tragic death and yet this story, this death has not been told until now. I will be anxious to learn if any family members reading this post has had their memory jogged.

There are a number of things that jump out at me with this death certificate. The confirmation of Rosa’s father Abraham Beberofsky. A surprise was her mother’s name as Jennie, I believe it says Lipschitz/Lifschitz. One of Rosa’s daughter’s went by the name of Jennie too.  Lipschitz is also another family name of ours with Kate marrying a Benjamin Lipschitz which will now set me on the path of trying to discover if there is a family connection here. I am thinking there may have been a connection as both Benjamin and Kate were deaf and the marriage, I have been told, was an arranged marriage. So my question is did the families know each other, were they related perhaps and arranged for their 2 deaf children to wed? Benjamin was a Lipschitz as was Rosa’s mother and both from Russia.

Rosa’s age on the death certificate makes her birth date considerably different than the 1856 I had been using and places the year as 1873. I have a birthdate of 1880 for their first daughter Mirel so you can see this does present a problem, however we know from experience and records that dates and years and ages can be way off. What I love especially about this record is the spelling of Rosa’s name. It is recorded as Roza which is the the original spelling which I have not used. My next step in researching Rosa and Selig will be to contact the cemetery and try and get as much information and a picture if possible of their stones.

Rest in Peace my 2x great grandparents. You are not forgotten.



16 years ago I located my birth family, both maternal and paternal side. After literally years of searching, even before the help of the internet, I just couldn't stop searching so I began digging into my new found families past. The journey has been amazing as we connect and reconnect lost and found generations.

9 thoughts on “The Tragic Death of Rosa Rosen

  1. Such a tragic way to die! It makes you wonder how she fell out of the window. My mother was 22 and newly married at the time. That cemetery is approximately 25 minutes from my home. I am wondering why they picked that location for a cemetery and not someplace in the five boroughs or Long Island. Do we

    1. I am curious how she fell too; perhaps she was washing windows? I have sent away to the NYphoto archives for a picture of the original building as it is not there anymore. It will be interesting to see what it looked like. My grandfather Isidore is buried at Beth Abraham in N.J. but that was because his union payed for it if I am not mistaken. Wondering also why N.J. for Rosa; my thought is it had something to do with Selig’s affiliation with his Synagogue (which we’ve yet to discover which one) Beth-are you feeling at all like a visit to the cemetery and some gravestone sleuthing and photography?

  2. How awful, Sharon. But I am glad this helps provide clues to more of the family and more of her story. I look forward to seeing what you learn from Selig’s death certificate and from the cemetery. I wonder if there is a news article about Roza’s death.

    1. Hi Amy, I have a subscription to and looked for some mention but could find nothing. In fact I have not found anything on any family member, hmmm I wonder if I am doing something wrong. I too am very anxious to get a look at the Selig’s death cert. and speak with the cemetery.

      1. Have you tried the Fulton Postcards site? They have lots of NY newspapers. I did a quick look, but didn’t find anything. It’s a great site, but hard to use. I will take a look at and

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