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Zelig (Selig) and Roza (Rosa) Rosen

Yesterday I received the anxiously awaited for death certificate for my 2x great grandfather Selig Rosen.

In my last post I wrote about the tragic death of his dear wife Roza Rosen nee Beberofsky. I have always spelled Roza as Rosa but her death certificate did indicate the ‘z’ in the spelling of her name so I will continue from now on to honor that spelling. Roza fell from her 1st story apt window, fracturing her skull which caused her death. A very short 25 days later her husband Selig passed away. Curious I wondered  what had caused Seligs death? A broken heart? With Selig’s death certificate still outstanding and not even sure I would received the correct certificate for the correct Selig, I waited to answer that question. This week has been a whirlwind of personal events as well as ancestry discoveries to report on. While waiting for his death certificate I called the cemetery where Roza was buried. A big thank you to Riverside Cemetery, Saddle Brook, New Jersey for the wonderful pictures of the gravestones of my 2x great grandparents. Sent on the honor system for $10 (check in the mail)  When I had finally received the death certificate for the correct Roza Rosen, her burial location was noted on the document and from there it was easy to concur that the Selig listed at the same cemetery was most likely our Selig, and he was. Just below is the death certificate for Selig. It appears he passed from ‘natural causes’ which I want to believe was a broken heart.


Even though shrouded in sadness there are so many wonderful things about this certificate.

Next are the beautiful stones for Selig and Roza.


An honest and upright man, our teacher and rav (not implying Rabbi)  Mr. Pinchas Zelig, son of Mr. Yakov died 11 Sivan 5700


A pious woman, Mrs Rachel daughter of Mr. Avraham Hersh died 15 Iyar, 1940                   *translation of stones by members of the FB group Tracing the Tribe.

Roza/Rosa Rosen nee Beberofsky/i and Zelig/Selig Rosen both of Sompolno, Russia/Poland.


Zelig (Selig) Rosen was the son of Jakob Rozen and Mirla (Muriel) Morgansztern.                 Finding a gravestone with supporting information is such a bonus to my research. My information for Selig’s family came from another researcher, Barbara Rubinstein, a woman from Poland now living in Switzerland with shared roots. While we corresponded quite a few times, she assured me her research was accurate but she did not have supporting documents. I was just shy of skeptical, but believing she was right on. Selig’s stone tells us that his father was Yakov~Jacob, and interesting to me was the addition of his name of Pinchas. I will be sharing this information with Barbara, our Switzerland connection.

Rojza Ruchel Beberofsky/i is our wonderful and pious grandmother Roza who’s father according to Barbara’s research was Abram Hersz supported by the engraving on the stone. Below I have reposted her death certificate

Selig and Roza were the parents of 7 children. Mirla b. abt. 1880, Jennie b. abt. 1886  Kate (Kruse) my great grandmother b. 1889 , Rose (Rejle) (known as Ray) b. abt. 1890, Jacob Wolf b. abt 1894, Auter/Auszer b. 1896 abt 1896 and Abraham (known as Harry) b. 1900

It does not appear that Mirla or Auter immigrated to the US with their family but remained behind in Sompono. I have written about the families of Jennie, Ray and Abraham as well as my great grandmother Kate. After receiving the death certificate for Selig I took another look at his son Jacob who is the informant on the death certificate. It is so amazing when research all falls into place and new discoveries are made. It must have been there before but overlooked, this time I noticed a researcher who had not been on Ancestry for some time with a Meyer Rosen; the name of one of Jacob’s children. I reached out to this person, a woman, who responded and I am thrilled to report I have now connected with a descendant of Jacob, a 3rd cousin with shared 2x great grandparents Selig and Roza. I am excited to fill her in with the names and information on her other shared distant cousins as well as learn all I can about her line. She has connected me with another 3rd cousin who has done some research on their line and I am excited to correspond with her too.

For our branch of the family we knew only about the 3 sisters, Kate, Ray and Jennie.  We had lost the history and knowledge of their siblings Jacob and Abraham. We have learned quite a bit about Abraham now and I am anxious to learn more about Jacob. Once receiving Selig’s death certificate I learned Jacob was the reporting family member and was given the address of where Jacob was living at that time in 1940. A quick look back at the 1940c for Jacob at that address I found what I now believe is a huge flaw in my past research. I had picked up another Jacob fitting his description in Los Angeles not at the Brooklyn address where I did find him living with wife Della. His wife’s name known to me prior to 1940 on all documents was Sadie and unless Sadie went by Della I have more information to unravel. Connecting with my new 3rd cousins will help me correct the flaw and put this puzzle piece together. I will report on this in a later post. In the mean time  I am so happy to have located Selig and Roza’s death certificates and gravestones. However, there still lies this feeling that their story is not fully known or told. I will not give up until their story, our story has accurately as possible has been shared.




16 years ago I located my birth family, both maternal and paternal side. After literally years of searching, even before the help of the internet, I just couldn't stop searching so I began digging into my new found families past. The journey has been amazing as we connect and reconnect lost and found generations.

4 thoughts on “Zelig (Selig) and Roza (Rosa) Rosen

  1. How great that you’ve found some new cousins! And that they are also interested in genealogy!!
    It seems that Zelig died at a hospital on Welfare Island after being there five days. I wonder if there are hospital records somewhere. Also, did you notice the death certificate says he was only 67 and the headstone says 78? It looks like the doctor guessed at his age, probably meaning he didn’t know him well and perhaps that he never even got a medical history from him. So maybe Zelig was unconscious when admitted to the hospital?

    1. I had noticed the age difference Amy, did some math but did not think to much of it. I like your thought on the possibility of why. Thank you for the idea, always appreciated. S

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