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Mollie Lifschitz: Updated

In my last post I wrote about Mollie Lipschitz daughter of David Lifshitz and Ida Paley. I had been waiting on her death certificate to arrive, which it has. Quickly recapping ~

Mollie was born sometime between 1869 and 1872, with dates differing depending on the document. She immigrated from Poland/Russia between 1888/1889. I can not find any records for her immigration.

Mollie married Hyman Cohen/Cohn on Dec. 24th, 1892. At the time of her marriage she was living at 72 Orchard St., N.Y.C., and Hyman was at 47 Henry St. Witness  to the marriage was a Abraham and Jacob Goldberg (I have no clue who these men were)


We know from the wedding announcement for Mollie’s brother Ike (1903) that their mother Ida was alive and in New York attending Ike’s marriage. I could not locate anything that indicated Ida was here for Mollie’s marriage.

Clearly recorded beside  ‘Number of Bride’s Marriage’ is the address 177 E. Broadway. I just had to stop and take a look at this address. This address, is the church to the left of The Forward Building, home to the socialist newspaper begun in 1897 by 50 Yiddish speaking socialist who had formed three months prior as the Forward Publishing Company. Wikipedia reports “it was one of the most influential American Jewish Publications”  You can see the cross at the top of the building which I imagine back then housed the Congregation Ezras Achim Anshei, Kiev.

Hyman and Mollies first son Joseph was born in 1897 and their second son Jacob was born in 1899.

Mollie Cohn nee Lifschitz passed away on the 10th of March, 1922. Her death certificate says she was 53 and passed due to chronic myocarditis with acute gastritis contributing. She was buried at Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Queens, New York.


Please meet Mollie ~

MollieLifshitzPhoto courtesy of Jane


An adoptee who found both her maternal and paternal side 18 years ago, I began digging into my new found families past. The journey has been amazing connecting and reconnecting lost and found generations.

19 thoughts on “Mollie Lifschitz: Updated

  1. What a great photo of Mollie! Wowsa! What a stunner. Whenever I read you write “Paley,” by the way, I always think of the famous American writer, Grace Paley.

  2. Fabolous photo Sharon! I keep reading your blog for more clues. What I am guessing from DNA analysis is that I am related to Goldberg. Really wonder whose these Goldberg’s are.

    1. Mollie was a beauty. Did Hyman died about 19 Oct 1943? You have them in the 1910 Census, right? I was just browsing around and found that one with sons Jacob and John. I’m sure you found it, too. I can’t resist a mystery!

      1. That’s them Susan. I’ll have to do some double checking, may be my error but I have Oct 29, 1943 for his death date. 1910 living W.144th St. Their sons were Jacob and Joseph and they are listed that way on the 1910. Unless you made the error you may have picked up the wrong Cohen/Cohn family. It can get crazy, as you well know. I love a mystery too!

  3. Amazing photo! Glad you were able to get her death certificate. Now if only you could find those elusive sons…..

    1. Thank you for stopping by and the comment Sheryl ~ I am most certain this is not a graduation photo. The time frame of her life supports that formal education was highly unlikely. I did take another look as I thought of her as older but age is so deceptive and people looked so much older ‘back then’. She could be much younger than I originally thought.

    1. If you scroll around on the blog – backwards I have written quite a few posts on this family. Thank you for stopping by. She does look so regal and I think that is what so wonderful about her photo ~ Sharon

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