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The Tragic Death of Morton C. Aaronson

Following a thread for information for my next Lifschitz post, I fell into a rabbit hole that landed me in the middle of a story yet to be known by our family or told. So I have taken this opportunity to shift gears and write about

Morton C. Aaronson born 16 June 1917, Bronx, New York. Morton was the son of Samuel C. Aronson and Rachel (Rae) Lipschitz. You may or more likely not, remember that Rae was the daughter of Simon Lipschitz and Annie Dinofsky – Simon was the brother of my great grandfather Benjamin Lipschitz.

Death Certificate for Morton C. Aaronson 

April 21, 1958 


At first glance under Cause of Death I spotted injuries – multiple – extreme; Aircraft accident and then adding that to the above mention of McCarren Field, which I knew as an airport, I was horrified to read further that this was a mid-air crash between a commercial plane and a Military aircraft.

Morton C. Aaronson of Encino, California lost his life at the age of 41. (although reported as 39 in the paper) Morton was the Vice President of the Esquire Shoe Company. I was able to find multiple newspaper articles from in reference to this tragic United Airliner crash.  Sharing only one, below is the article from the

Milwaukee Journal SentinelWednesday, Apr 23, 1958 Milwaukee, WI – Page: 19
Researching Morton I have not been able to find a wife and family for him. I suspect he
may not have been married. Whether his parents or two siblings, Edith and Lawrence were still alive to witness his tragic death has not been proved. Having come from a family with multiple aunts and uncles, cousins too, I know that this tragic loss was felt by many along with a Nation that seemed to be in shock over this event. Mention of the collision was in papers across the states, stating what had happened and listing the names of all those that had been killed.
In Memory of  Morton C. Aaronson 


An adoptee who found both her maternal and paternal side 18 years ago, I began digging into my new found families past. The journey has been amazing connecting and reconnecting lost and found generations.

15 thoughts on “The Tragic Death of Morton C. Aaronson

  1. What a terrible way to die and so avoidable. Blind folded? I hope today there are better methods of training pilots.

        1. Very interesting read – I can see its use will on the ground but in the air? It would seem to me then that the trainer who took him up in the plane may have been at fault. I guess fault doesn’t really matter. Thank you for finding this Amy and posting.

  2. Wow, even from a distance in time and place, that news report makes me feel such sadness. It seems purposeless that such a thing happened. I can imagine the country in shock over it, as we had far fewer such things in our history at that time. Great research!

  3. Oh, what a horrible horrible story, Sharon. I’m so sorry for your relative’s horrific death. I just don’t understand the accident at all. Why did the pilot have to be blindfolded? Why didn’t the instructor pilot keep this from happening? Didn’t they use air traffic controllers? What in the world was going on? I don’t suppose you can answer my questions . . . . By the way, I love how you use the memorial candle for your relatives’ memories.

    1. Thank you for responded to this posting. A blessing you can carry on his legacy. Very nice to hear from you. We are evidently cousin connected and I would love to know more about that connection. If you were at all interested in continuing the conversation I would love to hear from you. I can be reached at – Sharon

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