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Frank Oxman and The Case of the Found Securities

If the name of Frank Oxman sounds familiar to you it may be because you are a Perry Mason fan and not because I had written about him. One of those classic Perry Mason stories was – “The Case of the Dangerous Dowager” with Gene Blakely as Frank Oxman. This show first aired in 1959. I am a huge Perry Mason fan with memories of watching this with my grandparents. Once again I love the connection that seems to go full circle when connecting and researching our story.

On January 4th I received one of those wonderful surprise emails from a gentleman who had come across my blog post  “Who Was Frank Oxman?” which sparked my need to revisit the post I had written back in Oct of 2017.

I had not revisited this post since the original posting but it appears to be on my to-do list for this year now. I have ruled out the possibility of Ida Blum being an Oxman before marrying Jacob Blum. From their marriage record, I learned her maiden name was Laskey. This was not the connection.
I have posted four of the ten security copies I received. (All pertain to this same division and are all similar)  Aren’t they lovely?



The question remains, coincidence with the last name of Oxman or family connection?


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16 years ago I located my birth family, both maternal and paternal side. After literally years of searching, even before the help of the internet, I just couldn't stop searching so I began digging into my new found families past. The journey has been amazing as we connect and reconnect lost and found generations.

19 thoughts on “Frank Oxman and The Case of the Found Securities

  1. Hi Sharon,More mysteries and maybe connections. Blum is definitely a connection to my Chanovich family.  I’m also pretty sure Lasky is too.  Maybe it is coincidental, maybe not… more mysteries to make us ponder:)Hope all is well.Ga

  2. It still seems like such a coincidence that they shared a surname. Maybe they were distant cousins? Or maybe there was just a business link tying them all together.

  3. I, too, loved Perry Mason! I credit those shows with my abiding interest in mysteries. =) Raymond Burr. Who could ever forget watching those? I don’t want to think it’s a coincidence. Why would he be trustee with them if there wasn’t some kind of relationship, though I suppose it could just be business. It seems odd, though. How wonderful that the man found your interest and e-mailed you!

  4. The detective steps, the clues, hunches and so on… I’ve found some of my research has been
    *so* exciting, in the *doing* of it… and only other researchers understand that, because once the connection is made, it all seems obvious.

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