14 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: 50 Years of Love

    1. Hi Luanne, that is not a Shriners hat. It is a fancy yarmulke ~ a hat worn by Jewish men. I do love this photo and have wonderful 11×14 of it hanging in the family room.

  1. Does that say YMBA? What would that stand for? When and where was this? Any idea what Yarchower means? Someone from Yarchow, I’d think (wherever that is)?

    1. Hi Amy~ They were from Nowy Jarczow, Poland/Galicia,Austria. The photo is about 1940/42. I believe the term Yarchower is our english way of referring to people from Jarczow. I am not sure about the YMBA, I haven’t been able to identify what it stands for. I was thinking this could be some type of business association for people from this town; just a guess Young Mens Business Association. I believe this was in Brooklyn, New York.

        1. This family was my maternal adopting parents 🙂 I actually have one very vague memory of Rose, who passed in 1956, going to her home in Brooklyn and seeing her lifeless body in a bedroom, everyone going to say there final goodbyes before she passed.

        2. I would think so! The only time I’ve come close to a dead person was at a wake for a friend’s parent, and I refused to look in the coffin.

  2. Congratulations! Your blog has been included in INTERESTING BLOGS in FRIDAY FOSSICKING at
    Thank you, Chris
    I don’t usually select photos for INTERESTING BLOGS, but this photo is wonderful… and though it has the formality of the era, it also shows the closeness of the couple… As we are close to our 50th, it made me ponder on what future generations will say of us.
    Never be afraid of seeing the deceased… it is an honour to be with loved ones as they take their final journey.

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