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Rosen Family Revisited: A Shoah Death Discovered

I have been working on a posting for a number of days now that I was quite excited about. It always seems to be the case that as I work on one thing another pops up, catches my breath and leads me in a different direction. And so this is a different direction but within the same family.

My 2x great grandfather was a man named Selig Rozen (Rosen) b. 1862 Sompolno, Poland. He married Rojza Ruchel (Rosa) Bibrowski //Beberofski b. 1873 also of Sompolno, Poland. They had 7 children, all born in Sompolno.

Mirla b. 1880; Jennie b. 1886; Kruse/Kate b. 1889 (my great grandmother); Rejle/Rose b. 1890; Jacob Wolf b. 1894; Uscher/Auszer b. 1896, and Abraham Herschel/Harry b. 1900.

With the exception of Mirla and Uscher/Auszer  the other 5 siblings and parents immigrated to New York between the years of 1901 – 1911. I have been able to trace and research their stories as well as connect with cousins and grandchildren of their families.

But today I pause and want to write about


In June of 1911 my great grandmother Kate Rosen (22), deaf from a childhood illness, traveled with her youngest brother Abraham Herschel/ Harry to their parents Selig and Rosa already living in the New York. On the passenger list under the heading of  “the name and complete address of nearest relative or friend in country whence Alien came” was written  “brother Usther R. – Sompolno” 

Up until today I had never been able to find anything to confirm that he or the oldest Mirla, had immigrated over. I still have nothing for Mirla. Working on the other post and looking at Uscher – (I already had a birth date for Uscher of 29 Aug. 1896. I had been in touch with a distant family member over in Sweden who had some basic research and documents for our family and this was the date she had given me) I did a general search, one of those just for the hec of it and sadly I learned the fate of Uscher Auszer who did not make the trip over to his family but lost his life in The Shoah.

Thank you to

The Arolsen Archives – International Center On Nazi Persecution

for their incredible work and documentation of those lost, to preserve their memory.

The first document found was a reference to him living in Germany in 1935. A Kaufmann was a merchant. Notice the under Title – the word Eschwege seems to be a location and it will be noted on other documents

Uscher Bibrowski
Residence Date: 1935
Address: Obermarkt 20
Residence Place: Eschwege, Deutschland (Germany)
Occupation: Kaufmann
Title: Adreßbuch von Eschwege


*** This post has been updated and many of the documents first posted can be found on additional post for Uscher.



I have contacted the Arolsen Archives site and have updated with a post on 11/25/2019


Name: Uscher Bibrowski
Birth Date: 28 Aug 1896
Cemetery: Jews of Germany Murdered in the Holocaust
Has Bio?: N
Sometimes you just have to stop and breath and that is how I am feeling.
Uscher Auszer, brother of my great grandmother Kate, brother of Mirla, Jennie, Rose, Jacob and Harry, son of Selig and Rosa
May Your Memory Be A Blessing