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Wordless Wednesday: Pauline (Polly) Hyamovitch nee Weiss & Baby


Polly (1882 – 1963) London, England


An adoptee who found both her maternal and paternal side 18 years ago, I began digging into my new found families past. The journey has been amazing connecting and reconnecting lost and found generations.

13 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Pauline (Polly) Hyamovitch nee Weiss & Baby

  1. She doesn’t look entirely comfortable. I wonder if that’s because her feet don’t actually touch all the way flat to the floor. Or maybe the look is complete satisfaction, with a little ‘That’ll show ya’ thrown in. LOL

    Do you know who the baby is? It seems rare to see a photo with a baby in it! Fun to see that they had little footie sleepers then, too.

    1. I hadn’t noticed the footie sleeper – so cute. I actually don’t have much info on this photo and am hoping a family member will chime in on year and who the baby is. Wondering if it could be a grand baby even?

      1. It could be. I’m terrible at telling ages, and several babies in my family were born to women later in life. My mother was 40 when my little sister was born.

  2. I’d guess she’s the grandmother also. I was a little concerned she was going to drop the baby! You are so lucky to have this amazing collection of old photographs. They are wonderful.

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