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Weiss Family Photo Compare

For Wordless Wednesday I posted this picture below. It was from a grouping of unidentified family photo’s graciously shared by the Bass and Morris Families. The painstaking task of matching known photo’s with unknown has begun and I would like to venture a guess on this one.

Weiss11 copy

My first thought studying this, was, could these be siblings? An older sister with a younger brother. The young man seems to be of mid teen age.

A photo that was identified was this fabulous family photo of Marks Hyamovitch and his wife Polly (Pauline) Weiss

Hyamovitch1 copy

Comparing the photo of Polly from the family portrait photo above to the younger woman, do you think these two woman could be the the same; could it be a younger Polly Weiss? I think possibly.

13 copy

Polly was born in 1882 and she had a younger brother named Phillip, aka Pacey born in 1885.

Comparing the known photo of Pacey on his wedding day (1906) with the one of the younger man, do you think these two men the same? I think very likely.


The question is ~ could this be a picture of Polly Hyamovitch nee Weiss (1882) with her brother Phillip Weiss (1885)? I am strongly leaning to yes.

Weiss11 copy

I would love to hear from you on this question


An adoptee who found both her maternal and paternal side 18 years ago, I began digging into my new found families past. The journey has been amazing connecting and reconnecting lost and found generations.

20 thoughts on “Weiss Family Photo Compare

  1. If they are not the same, they are somehow related. Thanks for explaining this photo. When I looked at it, I thought that she was well older than he, and how would they possibly be husband and wife? Whew! LOL Polly looks very much the same, and if the timeline for her fits with the family photo, I’d be so tempted to say yes.

    Philip, I’m not as sure. The hairline has definite similarities, as does the chin. The mouth and eyes, not as much, but I know changes do occur more in some people than others. The ears may be what bother me the most about saying yes. Usually, it’s a younger version whose ears stick out more, and as they grow, they grow into them. In this case, it seems to be the reverse. Related, I would think, but I’d say 50-50 whether they are the same. Is there anyone else it could have been, though?

    1. Hi Susan, it could be Polly’s sister Rosie. It might not be either and not Phillip at all too. As for anyone else, it sure could be but at this point know one in the extended family has any ideas. Thank you for your opinion on this – its great appreciated 🙂

  2. It’s always such a tough judgement for me, but one thing I’ve learned from Ava Cohn is too look at ears because they don’t generally change. The two males have very different ears, so I don’t think they’re the same person. The two women very well could be, but I can’t say for sure. I always suggest hiring Ava if you want a really thorough and professional analysis.

    1. Ava is on my list for this. She is so busy though. I need to g back and look at the photo, the male and look at those ears 🙂 Thank you Amy for your thoughts on this. Always appreciated

  3. sadly my opinion is that you still have a photo of two unknowns. I don’t think the ressemblance with Polly is as obvious as all that, and the other chap most definitely looks nothing like Pacey on his wedding day!

    1. Thank you Claire – your opinion helps a lot with this. I may have to use Ava Cohn (Sherlock Cohn) the photo genealogist and get this one solved 🙂

  4. I agree about Polly likely being the same person. But I also that the ears on the young man are too different. However they are definitely related.

  5. Well, when I saw this photo before I thought brother and sister. So you might be right here. I do think it is very very possibly the same woman. I am not so sure about the man though. To me they do not look the same at all.

    1. We still haven’t solved either mystery and its not for not trying. Always hopeful a new lead or answer will surface. After all that’s the fun with all this 🙂

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