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Kalman Asriel Goldberg married Arlene Srulovitz: Are we connected?

In my last post I wrote about Jeanette Weiss who married Emanuel Goldberg. You can read about them here  While researching them I made an interesting discovery connecting them back to my Srulowitz/Srulovitz or Strulowitz family.

In 1932, Jean and Manny had a son, Kalman Asrial born January 27th, Chicago, Ill.

For some time now I have been trying to locate my Srulowitz family that had left New York for Chicago. My great grandmother was a woman named Rebecca Srulowitz and while we know her parents names were Samuel Strulowitz and Minnie Cohen that is really all we knew with the exception that Rebecca’s extended family had located in Chicago. In addition she had a sister named Minnie who had a duaghter named Mollie, known as red head Mollie.

I have a number of Strulowitz connected DNA cousins  4 – 8 generations back and nothing to connected our family with these matches, that is until now.

Before I go further let me explain my connection to Jean Weiss. She is the niece of the wife of my 2nd great uncle; Phillip Hyam’s (Hyamovitch). Phillip’s father was Marks Hyamovitch (England branch) brother to my great grandfather Samuel Haimowitz (New York branch) The connection is distant but with the discovery of Kalman and then to his wife but I have connected these two families through marriage and linked them as our Srulowitz family.

Kalman Asriel Goldberg married Arlene Srulowitz on October 24, 1954 in Chicago, Ill. Arlene was born June 5, 1934. That was an interesting discovery for me and I quickly went to work trying to discover who Arlene was.

Arlene was the daughter of Herman Srulovitz b. May 3, 1913, Brooklyn, N.Y. son of Isadore Srulovitz b. 1884 Hungary- d. 1933 Chicago and Esther Altberger b. 1891 Hungary – died 1966 Chicago.

I have been sitting on 3 DNA connections to the family of Isadore and Esther for a few years now. I have been communication with the granddaughter of Arlene in both group emails with the England Hyamovitch family and privately the last view months unaware that we circle back around and connect.

I have a task in front of me to try and discover just how Isadore and Rebecca are connected. I have nothing proven yet.  What I am going to try to prove is were

Could Isadore born 1884, father Samuel M. and Rebecca born 1880, father Samuel be brother and sister?


An adoptee who found both her maternal and paternal side 18 years ago, I began digging into my new found families past. The journey has been amazing connecting and reconnecting lost and found generations.

16 thoughts on “Kalman Asriel Goldberg married Arlene Srulovitz: Are we connected?

  1. An exciting clue and some evidence to the connection. Truthfully, I find that the world is often a much smaller place than I would have imagined. Here I am living in Tennessee, thinking there’s nothing of my past there, because I had never been here. Yet, I’ve found many connections through two family lines, one in east TN and one south of Nashville! Here you are finding one family linked to another, we hope. How fabulous that is!

    1. It sure is exciting and small world for sure. When my 1st husband was alive we bought a small cabin in Hatch, Utah. Once he had passed and my daughter and I began doing his family history we discovered he actually had family there in Hatch. We even were able to go to the small cemetery and see the headstones still standing. Makes us sad he never knew.

  2. I hope you find the link. It looks like this Srulowitz family came from Hungary though—not Romania. Very intriguing!

    1. I had noticed the difference in countries. But with Hungary and Romania next to each other there is a possibility of border lines and wrong information. However rechecking Rebeccas death certif., it does say both her and both parents were born in Romania. I need to do a lot of leg work on this still

  3. You must be closing in, Sharon!!! Pretty exciting. Are you doing a lot of genealogy recently? I am wondering if the pandemic has changed your pace. I am more regimented and more boring, that’s for sure.

    1. I feel like I am closing in but I must admit my pace has changed and I have slowed down, can’t seem to focus, especially after we lost both fur babies but I’ll get back in the swing for sure 🙂

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