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Freda Hyamovitch/Hyams Mystery Solved

Freda Hyamovitch/Hyams Mystery Solved

On May 14th, I wrote a post about Freda Hyamovitch (1c2xr) who was traveling from her home in England to Brooklyn, New York. You can read the post at the link below.

On her travel document she had declared she was traveling to 127 Corbin Place, Brooklyn, New York. This document opened up the question for me – who was she traveling to? Could it be to the home of our mystery Haimowitz – sister to brothers Marks Hyamovitch and Samuel Haimowitz. (Marks was her father. I was hoping researching the address might lead me to this sister, but it hadn’t)

On April of 1951, Freda traveled to New York and visited with her Aunt and Uncle Samuel (my great-grandfather). Below photo taken on this visit with her mystery Aunt, Samuel and Freda.

Since locating our branch of the family in England, I have been in close contact with a 3rd cousin named Karen. Yesterday, she was visiting her Aunt Marie (my 2ndc1r) and Karen shared with Marie the post I had written ‘Freda Hyamovitch/Hyams 1919-1994 And Her Mystery Aunt’

Corresponding by email, Marie shared she thought the address in Brooklyn, 127 Corbin Place, probably belonged to Marks Hyamovitch wife’s family. Freda was most likely traveling to her mother Polly’s side of the family. Marie also shared she too had visited Brooklyn in the 1950’s. She had visited with Marion Levin (nee Weiss) and her two brothers, Samuel and Norman.

With this lead, I began to look at the Weiss family. Polly Weiss, Marks wife, had a sister Rose and brother Phillip (Pacey) both who immigrated to the United States, Phillip eventually settling in Chicago and Rose remaining in New York. Phillip married Sarah Meiselman and Rose married William Levin.

Phillip and Sarah had children Jeanette, Rachel and Seymour. Rose and William had children Samuel, Norman and Marion.

Ruling out Phillip and Sarah’s children during this time period, I focused on records for Rose and William’s children and looked for anything I may have missed when originally researching them.

There it was, with the help of Marie and her memories, I found the New York Passenger arrival list for Marion Levin, age 27, single, departing Southhampton and arriving in New York on 7 May, 1950, returning home to 127 Corbin Place. She had been to England visiting family.

While Freda had indeed traveled to Brooklyn, New York and visited with her Aunt and Uncle she had traveled to and was visiting with her cousin Marion Levin nee Weiss and family.

Thank you Marie and Karen for your help in solving this family mystery.


An adoptee who found both her maternal and paternal side 18 years ago, I began digging into my new found families past. The journey has been amazing connecting and reconnecting lost and found generations.

8 thoughts on “Freda Hyamovitch/Hyams Mystery Solved

  1. How wonderful to find this answer and another piece in the puzzle you are putting together! Congratulations on the hard work, and the help from living family still.

  2. Mazel tov! That’s great! So explain to me—how is the Weiss family related to you? Is it by marriage only? Polly Weiss was married to Marks, so not a blood relative, right?

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