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Hannah Srolowitz Takes on The Matchmaker – Meyer Brick In 1899

I am looking for the sister of my great grandmother Rebecca Haimowitz nee Srulowitz. She was the daughter of Samuel Strulowitz and Minnie Cohen. Rebecca had a sister also using the name of Minnie who married a man (unknown). They had two daughters, one was Esther and the other was Molly, known as red headed Molly, as not to be confused with her 1st cousin Molly, daughter of Rebecca and Samuel Haimowitz. Esther is a new piece of information shared recently shared with me by my cousin Arline.

I know that Rebecca had family in Chicago, Illinois which has been my primary area of search along with multiple DNA connections to Srulowitz families there.

I am searching for Minnie (maiden name Srulowitz or alternate spellings) who had two daughters Molly and Esther – a needle in a haystack search.

Leaving no stone unturned in my search for the missing sister and family, while searching on, I spotted an article, year 1899, name Srolowitz, in a Chicago paper, that jumped out at me. The title was intriguing, so I had to take a look.

From the Chicago Tribune (Chicago, Illinios) . 20 Jan 1899, Fri . Page 8

.This was a real live matchmaker’s tale and I just had to dig further. With the little information that was given I began searching for Benjamin Perbona on both ancestry and and came up with nothing. Going back to, I found a second related article which gave me additional information. The name of the granddaughter, Rachel (Papini ? Lapini ? ) I had the grandmothers name Hannah Srolowitz, the groom Benjamin Perbona, the bride Rachel, the wronged matchmaker, Meyer Brick. Now I was wondering why this mention in a Texas paper as well as a Chicago paper.

From the San Antonio Light (San Antonio, Texas) 1899 > February >12

Checking back on, I tried using the spelling of Perboner on a hunch and found 1 mention for a passport application for a Benjamin Perboner, event year 1895, he was 19, with a birth date of 3 Oct. 1876, location Chicago, Ill.. Also noted was a witness Adolph Perboner, was this a brother, father, uncle, cousin? U.S. Passport Applications 1795 – 1925

Switching back to, I decided to look under the All Public Member Trees and spotted three researchers with a Bernhard Perbohner Perboner with the 3 Oct. 1876 birth date. One of the researchers immediately jumped out at me – The Ogron Family. I had been in contact with them before. While not a direct connection with me, they do connect through marriage on the Weiss/Hyamovitch branches.

Here I was, looking at a matchmakers tale involving Srolowitz’s that circled back possibly connecting to my branch in some way. Continuing to search with the name of Bernhardt, I located this record below for a marriage to a Eleanor Rabchikow. It was not ‘Rachel’ from the newspaper article but the date certainly matched. I had the last name of what looked like Papini or Lapini from the article. Using that, I could not find any records to match or come close

Name:Bernhardt Perbohner
Birth Year:abt 1876
Marriage Type:Marriage
Marriage Date:18 Oct 1898
Marriage Place:Chicago, Cook, Illinois
Spouse Name:Eleanor Rabchikow
Spouse Age:16
Spouse Gender:Female
FHL Film Number:1030289

Next I checked for a census record for Bernhardt and Eleanor and easily found a 1900c record for them under Bernard (b. 1870), occupation printer and Ella (b.1882) making her 18 and the right age for her age with the marriage. It also listed living with them (transcribed as Groehowitz but was clearly Srolowitz looking at the census) was grandfather Lieb and grandmother Anna Srolowitz on the census record. Anna could very well be Hannah. Also living with them was their son Rubin, 11/12, born 1899. They were living at 235 Maxwell St. Chicago, Ill..

I believe I have the family of the newspaper article. But why Eleanore? Perhaps one explanation is that Rachel was her Hebrew name and what her grandmother knew and referred to her as. Her last name in the article is still a mystery. And why the passport application of Benjamin as a musician and not a printer?

The 1910c listed him with the name Bernard, 33, printer in a printing shop, owned his home with a mortgage at 657 Maxwell St, Chicago, Ill.. Wife Eleanor 28, were children Reuben 10, Miriam 1. Living with them still was father-in-law Leeb Srolowitz 72, and Annie Srolowitz 63. (Bernard and Eleanor would add one more daughter Lillian abt 1914)

The name of ‘Benjamin’ on the marriage record still threw me and why was he a musician and not a printer? I decided to check on the parents of Bernhardt/Bernard and see what I could learn from that.

His parents were Elias (Bernhardt) Perbohner b. 1831, Kourland, Germany and his mother was a woman named Rae (Rachel) Rose b. Dec. 1834, Germany. They were the parents of Adolph, William, Mary, Ida, Jacob, Rose and Lina and Bernhardt. His brother Adolph rang the bell and if you remember from the above passport record, he was the witness for Benjamin Perboner.

I was unable to locate any census records for Adolph on ancestry and familysearch. I wanted to try and match up the address Adolf had given on the passport record.

Turning to Military records and finding two WW1 records really opened up a lot more questions. Bernard, Chicago, printer and wife Eleanor Bernhard, Seattle, Violin teacher, wife Ray – (Rachel)

They had to be two different people. But what about the Srolowitz connection? What about the brother Adolph on the passport? What about the marriage year reported in the newspaper article of 18 Oct, 1898 and the marriage record for Bernhardt to Eleanor on that date?

I started clicking on hints for Bernhardt and Eleanor and then located this one for their daughter Miriam

Name:Elenor Sroclowitz
Spouse:Bernhardt Perboner
Child:Marian Perboner
FHL Film Number:1315046
Page Number:264

Then I located a 1910 c in Seattle, WA for Ida P. Goldberg, 42, widow living with her brother Bernhard Perboner 34, musician in an orchestra. Ida was one of Bernhard sisters. Bernhard had a sister Ida, who married Jacob Goldberg on the 19 Jan. 1886, N.Y.C.. She would later marry a second time to Samuel J. Levenson in 1912, Chicago, Ill..

I also found a Bernhard Perboner 63, at 6041 Sycamore St. Seattle, divorced, music teacher in the 1940c.

Here is his WW11 draft registration from

What began with a newspaper article with the name of Strolowitz in the year 1899, with a mention in a Chicago paper and also in a Texas paper has certainly led me on quite a journey. Has this circled back and connected to my branch – not that I can prove at this time.

The big question now for me is, am I dealing with two different men and families? Bigamy also crossed my mind. I don’t have the answers. I would love to know more about Hannah/Anna and Leib Srolowitz.

I have checked in with the Ogron family, the other researchers and hope to hear back from them. I will be digging deeper. In my next posting, I am hoping I may have stumbled onto something that may clear things up.


An adoptee who found both her maternal and paternal side 18 years ago, I began digging into my new found families past. The journey has been amazing connecting and reconnecting lost and found generations.

6 thoughts on “Hannah Srolowitz Takes on The Matchmaker – Meyer Brick In 1899

  1. Wow, you really jumped into a deep rabbit hole here, didn’t you? I am beginning to realize from your research just how “common” the name Srulowitz/Strolowitz etc was/is. Not really surprising since it means son of Israel, but I never would have thought that it was this common. I guess I am resigned to the fact that not all people named Srulowitz etc from Romania are related, but I love reading your attempts to find a connection.

  2. That is certainly quite a journey and a tangle! I know it will get straightened out to some extent and hope you find proof of the connection.

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