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Irving Isidore Haimowitz and Minnie Lipschitz

Isidore Haimowitz 1904 – 1951 & Minnie Lipschitz 1914 – 1998

Isidore and Minnie were married November 26, 1932 at 136 Allen Street in Manhattan.

This past week, my cousin Lisa Glassman nee Steinman, contacted me while visiting in Manhattan. She, her husband Aaron and daughter Mollie had made a trip up from Florida to visit with friends as well as do some sight seeing. No trip would be complete without visiting the historic Lower East Side, a guided tour and a few pictures that she has shared with me.

Above: was donated from the Allen Street Synagogue

While posting this and looking once again at their marriage license, a question as to their choice of synagogues for their marriage formed. Isidore lived in the Bronx and Minnie was living up town on E. 97th street with her parents Benjamin and Kate. Looking back in my records Benjamin and Kate’s marriage certificate states they were married at ‘110 E. 105 St. Synagogue’. This synagogue was Beth Hamidrash Hagodol of Harlem. Both Benjamin and Kate were deaf and most of their lives were spent at the E.97th St. address. My assumption was/is that they attended this local synagogue, most certainly within walking distance. My question/thought is, why had Isidore and Minnie picked the Allen Street Synagogue to marry and not a synagogue closer to her home?

A Big thank you to Lisa for sharing these photo’s with me 🙂