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Kalman Asriel Goldberg married Arlene Srulovitz: Are we connected?

In my last post I wrote about Jeanette Weiss who married Emanuel Goldberg. You can read about them here  While researching them I made an interesting discovery connecting them back to my Srulowitz/Srulovitz or Strulowitz family.

In 1932, Jean and Manny had a son, Kalman Asrial born January 27th, Chicago, Ill.

For some time now I have been trying to locate my Srulowitz family that had left New York for Chicago. My great grandmother was a woman named Rebecca Srulowitz and while we know her parents names were Samuel Strulowitz and Minnie Cohen that is really all we knew with the exception that Rebecca’s extended family had located in Chicago. In addition she had a sister named Minnie who had a duaghter named Mollie, known as red head Mollie.

I have a number of Strulowitz connected DNA cousins  4 – 8 generations back and nothing to connected our family with these matches, that is until now.

Before I go further let me explain my connection to Jean Weiss. She is the niece of the wife of my 2nd great uncle; Phillip Hyam’s (Hyamovitch). Phillip’s father was Marks Hyamovitch (England branch) brother to my great grandfather Samuel Haimowitz (New York branch) The connection is distant but with the discovery of Kalman and then to his wife but I have connected these two families through marriage and linked them as our Srulowitz family.

Kalman Asriel Goldberg married Arlene Srulowitz on October 24, 1954 in Chicago, Ill. Arlene was born June 5, 1934. That was an interesting discovery for me and I quickly went to work trying to discover who Arlene was.

Arlene was the daughter of Herman Srulovitz b. May 3, 1913, Brooklyn, N.Y. son of Isadore Srulovitz b. 1884 Hungary- d. 1933 Chicago and Esther Altberger b. 1891 Hungary – died 1966 Chicago.

I have been sitting on 3 DNA connections to the family of Isadore and Esther for a few years now. I have been communication with the granddaughter of Arlene in both group emails with the England Hyamovitch family and privately the last view months unaware that we circle back around and connect.

I have a task in front of me to try and discover just how Isadore and Rebecca are connected. I have nothing proven yet.  What I am going to try to prove is were

Could Isadore born 1884, father Samuel M. and Rebecca born 1880, father Samuel be brother and sister?

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Jeanette (Jean) Weiss and Emanuel Edward Goldberg

For Wordless Wednesday this week I shared the wedding photo of Jeanette (Jean) Weiss and Emanuel (Manny) Goldberg. Over the past few weeks I have shared a number of photo’s of Jean and today, I’d like to share a little more of her story. (all photos courtesy of the extended Weiss Family)

Known as Jean, she was born the Oct. 28, 1907 in Brooklyn New York to parents Phillip (Pacey) Weiss born 1885, Romania and Sarah Meiselman born 1889, Russia.

Jeane Weiss birth record

Pacey and Sarah had two other children, Rachel born in 1910, Brooklyn, followed by a son Seymour, in 1916, Chicago, Ill.

Rachel and Jeanette Weiss ~

Jeanette&RachelWeiss copy

Sadly, Rachel did not survive and passed away March 3, 1913 shortly after the family relocated from Brooklyn, New York to Chicago, Ill. She is buried at Forest Park.

Jean, mother Sarah and Seymour  

Seymour Weiss with mother Sarah and sister Jeane copy

Information pulled from the 1918 WWI draft registration for Jean’s father Pacey listed their home address of 830 14th St. Chicago and the family was still there in 1920. According to a Weiss family descendant, Jean was a classically trained pianist and a reference to being trained at the Juilliard School of Music was noted on a family members tree. Juilliard was founded in 1905 in New York City.  I have not been able to confirm whether this is true and that she actually was trained at Juilliard in New York. There is a Juilliard at the School of Music in Chicago but the earliest date is 1932 that I could find for it being established. Corresponding with a granddaughter she shared she knew that she did not pursue a career in music and played only at home. In an attempt to find out more information, I checked and genealogy bank and found  on genealogy bank for any mention of a recital. Instead I did locate this article for Jeans mother Sarah.

Chicago_Daily_News_1921-06-16_32Chicago Daily News 6-16-1921

After finding this article, I shared it with the Weiss family descendants. Great grandson Brian Morris shared a message from an Aunt who shared this memory with him.

Remember a story told about how Grandpa W took matters into his own hands.  The neighborhood they lived in was mixed with a lot of Italians.  Grandpa went to see the Italian “boss” and wanted to know who broke in and robbed them and tied up Grandma.  Well they were more time efficient than the cops.  Grandpa then introduced himself to them with a baseball bat.  Grandparents had a fruit  store there and were well known and liked.  No robberies after that.  In those days nobody touched a woman.  He went into a bar where they were drinking pulled them out and talked.   Heard the story several times from my Dad.  Grandpa was about 5’8”” max

That was quite an experience that Sarah went through. Whether in 1921 or today, how terrifying it must have been. The article certainly does provide some additional information and insight into there lives and I feel confident in speculating that Pacey and Sarah were certainly wealthy enough to provide a music education in New York for their daughter but whether that happened I do not know. $5000 back then had a value equivalent to $64,000. Quite a nice salary for a fruit peddler. I also wonder if son Seymour was at home and witnessed this. At the time he was only 5 years old. He may have started school by then or he could have still been home.

On the April 1930 census the family had relocated to 3148 Douglas Blvd. Pacey listed his occupation as proprietor of a fruit store and Jean (22) was working as a stenographer at a handkerchief company.

In just a few short months, on June 17, Jean married Emanual Edward Goldberg.

4JeanetteWeiss&Goldberg copy

Emanuel (Manny) Edward was born on Feb. 15, 1905 in Chicago, Ill. to parents Harry Goldberg and Jeanette (Nettie) Denn.

On January 27, 1932 son Kalman Asrail was born followed a few years later by a daughter in 1938. By 1940 they had moved to 652 W. Buckingham Pl. into this lovely brick apartment building. (photo Google Earth) Manny’s occupation was listed as fur broker – own business.


Jean and Manny about 1954

Manny&JeanGoldberg copy

That really brings me to the end of what I know about Jean and Manny.

Jean passed away on April 10, 1988 at 80 years old and Manny passed away on April 25, 1994 at 89 years old. They are buried at Memorial Park – Skokie, Ill.


May their memory be a blessing