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Harry Ethelbert King of London, Ontario, Canada- looking for descendants

Continuing with the story and family of Marks Hyamovitch, brother of my great grandfather Samuel Haimowitz, I wanted to write about a man named Harry Ethelbert King. It is my hope that this post will eventually lead to the descendants of Harry and the ability to connect them to a family they may not be aware of.

Marks Hyamovitch and Polly Hyamovitch (nee Weiss) had a daughter by the name of Annie born in 1912, London, England. Known as Annie Hyams, she was first married to Jack Simmons and had 2 children with him.

It is impossible to know the circumstances but sometime in 1942/43 Annie met a private in the Canadian Royal Forces by the name of Harry Ethelbert King who was stationed in London, England. Harry and Annie, never married but they had 1 daughter together by the name of Jeanette born in 1943.

Annie’s story continues as she went on to meet and marry a second time to Frederick Robert Brown, an American. She would have 3 more children with him.

What we would love to solve is finding the King 1/2 siblings of Jeanette and their families. The discovery of the obituary for Harry Ethelbert King provided much information. Using the phenomenal resource of the Tracing The Tribe Facebook page, someone located his obituary, not accessible on line I was told how to locate it.  I was directed to for help and for the nominal fee of $5, I was able to get Harry’s obituary as well as information on possibly receiving some service related information for him.

Harry Ethelbert King was born 13 October, 1916, in Gorrie, Huron Co., Ontario, Canada. He was the son of Stephen Larkin King b. 22 Jan, 1888, Howick, Huron Co., Ontario and Mary Jane McCullough b. 1892, Ontario. She was the daughter of  Hugh McCullough and Almeda Dafoe. Stephen and Mary Jane were married on 23 Dec. 1911 in Huron, Ontario, Canada.

Stephen and Mary Jane had 4 children – Velda (1913) , Harry (1916), Leonard (1918), and Everard John (1920).

On the 25 May, 1935 Harry had married Maude Irene Mortis (1913) daughter of Alfred E. Mortis and Susan Harriet Hilton. 

Marriage License for Harry Ethelbert King and Maude Irene Mortis

46711_1220705233_1940-00655Source Citation Archives of Ontario; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Registrations of Marriages Source Information and Genealogical Research Library (Brampton, Ontario, Canada). Ontario, Canada, Marriages, 1826-1936 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2010.

Harry and Maude had 4 children together and from his obituary below we were able to learn the names of Jeanette’s 4  half siblings.

Obituary for Harry Ethelbert King 



Mrs. Mary Irene (King) McQuaid

Mrs Esther (King) Reep (Wilfred)

Mrs Ruth Ann (King) Wheatley (John)

Alfred King

Also from the obituary we were able to confirm the names of Harry’s siblings  with the town they were living in at the time of Harry’s passing. Leonard King of Listowel, Lorne King of Woodstock, and Mrs George (Velda) Corrie of Watford. Missing was Everard John unless he was using Lorne.