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Abraham Herschel (Harry) Rosen my 2x Great Uncle

It’s been a few years since I wrote about the Rosen side of the family. I had been able to track them back to my 3x great grandparents Jakob Rozen b. abt 1830, Sompolno, Poland and Mirla Morgansztern b. abt 1830, also of Sompolno. The community of Jewish inhabitants at that time was about 320. The population had doubled by the time my great grandmother Kruse (Kate) Rosen had been born on the 10th of January 1889. Kate was one of seven children born to her parents.

Abraham Herschel (Harry) Rosen b. 1900 in Sompolno was Kates youngest brother. They were about 11 years apart and together, they had made the trip over to New York from Poland in June of 1911.

Kate Rosen married Benjamin Lipschitz in 1913 in New York City. This was an arranged marriage between 2 deaf adults, both deaf from a childhood illness, Benjamin from typhoid fever. Kate and Benjamin went on to have three daughters, Minnie, Esther, and Mary. Minnie was my grandmother.

Harry went on to marry Kate Brickman in November of 1924. They had one daughter Renee Annette Rosen.  

Abraham&Kate2 copyI cropped this photo from the family photo below. With the help of the facebook group Genealogist Photo Restoration – Alan Spearman repaired this photo for us.


Brickman family copy 3Photo courtesy of the Brickman/Posner Family 

seated: Ben Brickman, wife Rose, Joseph Posner & Ann Posner, Anna Brickman wife of Joseph Brickman, matriarch Kate Brickman, Kate Rosen & Harry Rosen standing: Ben Posner & brother Murray Posner, Majorie & Alan (children of Ben & Rose Brickman), Bebe Posner, Renee Rosen, David Brickman and Jesse Brickman 

It was the immigration record for (my) Kate and Harry (written Abram) that provided my original lead on this family. Kate (22) and Abram (11) were traveling together. They left behind their brother, written ‘Usther’ in Sompolno, traveling to their father Selig R., 217 E. 102nd St, The immigration record indicated  Kate was ‘deaf and dumb’. It was with this record I learned of the brother left behind and the brother she had been traveling with.

Back when I had originally posted about Kate and her brother Harry, and learned he had married Kate Brickman, I discovered Kate was related and connected to the Brickman Family of the Hotel Brickman in the Catskills. One thing led to an other and I connected with 2 distant cousins off this branch, Patti Daboosh nee Posner and Rita Domnitz nee Brickman. And just recently I have been connected to Harry’s grandson Eric Amrine along with Jill Rotter nee Brickman, sister to Rita.

Patti shared with me that Hotel Brickman was purchased on May 10, 1912 by Abraham and Molly Brickman. The family has also graciously shared this wonderful family photo.

Abraham and Molly Brickman children Jehiel, Anna and Joseph

Abraham&MollyBrickmanrepaired copyPhoto’s courtesy of the Brickman/Posner Family 

Abraham&MollyBrickmanrepaired2 copyAgain with the help of the facebook group Genealogist Photo Restoration – Candice Shaver Penna did a beautiful job restoring this photo for us.

Patti is the granddaughter of Anna (above), Rita and Jill granddaughters of Jehiel (above), Eric the great grandson of Jehiel (above)

The details of my grandmother’s life with Benjamin has been easily traceable with connections through our family line but Harry had been unknown and remained somewhat of mystery until a few years ago. Now with my connection to Eric, along with  Patti, Rita and Jill the veil is lifting.

Abraham Herschel (Harry) Rosen traveled over aboard the Blucher from the port of Hamburg and arrived in New York Harbor on June 20th, 1911. At that time his parents, Selig and Rose were living at 219 E. 102nd St.. Selig was working as a Hebrew teacher, a profession he would keep his entire life. Living at home with them was son Jacob (16) working as an operator in a waist factory.

His oldest sister, Jenny b. 1886 was the first in the family to make the voyage over, arriving prior to Oct. 1903 when she married Alexander Reiner in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Father Selig arrived in 1904 followed by his daughter Rejle Rose (Rae) b. 1890 in 1906. Rose married David Smith sometime that or the following year of 1907.

Selig’s wife Rose came over arriving on the SS Pretoria on March 1, 1909. I found Rose on the list of detained aliens, going to her husband, name not mentioned, but released to her daughter Mrs. Reiner. (It was with this notation I was able to distinguish her from the almost hundred other Rose Rosen’s 🙂

Son Jacob b. Apr 1894 arrived July 17, 1909 At the age of 17 Jacob married in  Dec. 1911  a woman named Sadie Schoenwetter.

There are two other children who it appears remained in Sompolno. The oldest child, a daughter named Mirla and son Usther. I have been able to confirm that Usther did remain and was murdered in the Holocaust.

Harry’s WW1 draft registration, 1918,  gives up a more detail into his life. He listed his permanent residence as his parent’s E. 102nd St. address and at 18yrs old he was working as a waiter. Not quite sure of the restaurant’s name but it appears to be Hildreth’s, Nassau County? Hildreth’s is an extremely well know established family in Suffolk county (South Hampton) with many businesses associated with their name During this time frame perhaps Hildreth began or had some business in Nassau county as written on the document.

Harry’s (Abraham) WWI Draft Registration


On  November 11th, 1924, Harry, using his proper name married Kate Brickman.


Notice the address of where they were married. Built in 1888 – 1889 ~ 80 West 126 St. was originally the dance studio of George W. Wallace with an adjoining home for his family. It also doubled as a rentable entertainment venue.  Known as the Ellsmere by 1906 this venue was a very popular spot for large events. It was here that Kate and Harry married. By 1929 this became the popular Plantation Club in direct competition with the Cotton Club. Today it houses The Baptist Church of Prayer.

126th STGoogle Maps Photo 

But what was Harry up to those 6 years prior?

In an email between Eric and myself he shared “We did know when he was older he attended Emma Goldman’s salons in her house. Knew her well, at least as an admirer. Rode the rails as well. Then met Kate at the hotel, hearing the Moonlight Sonata coming through an open window and following the sound to the house piano.” The hotel was The Brickman Hotel ~ Catskills ~ South Fallsburg.


I mentioned that Patti had shared with me that the hotel was bought in 1912 , she also shared a copy of the original deed. The seller was Matilda A Rickard. It is amazing that the family actually has the whole document in tac and I was delighted to get to see the entire document. The Hotel Brickman deserves its own posting which I may attempt at a later date.


I was unable to find the family of Harry, Kate and Renee in the 1930, or Harry in the old man’s listing for WWII. I have found no evidence of him naturalizing. I am absolutely delighted we now know what Harry looked like.

Abraham&Kate2 copy 2

I am fascinated by the fact that he attended the salons of Emma Goldman which really does give us a glimpse into his mindset for the times.

“Emma Goldman (1869–1940) stands as a major figure in the history of American radicalism and feminism. An influential and well-known anarchist of her day, Goldman was an early advocate of free speech, birth control, women’s equality and independence, and union organization. Her criticism of mandatory conscription of young men into the military during World War I led to a two-year imprisonment, followed by her deportation in 1919. For the rest of her life until her death in 1940, she continued to participate in the social and political movements of her age, from the Russian Revolution to the Spanish Civil War.”

Abraham Harry Rosen was my 2x great Uncle and I am so thankful for the connection I have made with his branch of our family.

Harry past away in Feb. 1986 and is buried at Rock Creek Cemetery, Washington D.C.


May his and Kates memory be a blessing 


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Rosen Family Revisited: A Shoah Death Discovered

I have been working on a posting for a number of days now that I was quite excited about. It always seems to be the case that as I work on one thing another pops up, catches my breath and leads me in a different direction. And so this is a different direction but within the same family.

My 2x great grandfather was a man named Selig Rozen (Rosen) b. 1862 Sompolno, Poland. He married Rojza Ruchel (Rosa) Bibrowski //Beberofski b. 1873 also of Sompolno, Poland. They had 7 children, all born in Sompolno.

Mirla b. 1880; Jennie b. 1886; Kruse/Kate b. 1889 (my great grandmother); Rejle/Rose b. 1890; Jacob Wolf b. 1894; Uscher/Auszer b. 1896, and Abraham Herschel/Harry b. 1900.

With the exception of Mirla and Uscher/Auszer  the other 5 siblings and parents immigrated to New York between the years of 1901 – 1911. I have been able to trace and research their stories as well as connect with cousins and grandchildren of their families.

But today I pause and want to write about


In June of 1911 my great grandmother Kate Rosen (22), deaf from a childhood illness, traveled with her youngest brother Abraham Herschel/ Harry to their parents Selig and Rosa already living in the New York. On the passenger list under the heading of  “the name and complete address of nearest relative or friend in country whence Alien came” was written  “brother Usther R. – Sompolno” 

Up until today I had never been able to find anything to confirm that he or the oldest Mirla, had immigrated over. I still have nothing for Mirla. Working on the other post and looking at Uscher – (I already had a birth date for Uscher of 29 Aug. 1896. I had been in touch with a distant family member over in Sweden who had some basic research and documents for our family and this was the date she had given me) I did a general search, one of those just for the hec of it and sadly I learned the fate of Uscher Auszer who did not make the trip over to his family but lost his life in The Shoah.

Thank you to

The Arolsen Archives – International Center On Nazi Persecution

for their incredible work and documentation of those lost, to preserve their memory.

The first document found was a reference to him living in Germany in 1935. A Kaufmann was a merchant. Notice the under Title – the word Eschwege seems to be a location and it will be noted on other documents

Uscher Bibrowski
Residence Date: 1935
Address: Obermarkt 20
Residence Place: Eschwege, Deutschland (Germany)
Occupation: Kaufmann
Title: Adreßbuch von Eschwege


*** This post has been updated and many of the documents first posted can be found on additional post for Uscher.



I have contacted the Arolsen Archives site and have updated with a post on 11/25/2019


Name: Uscher Bibrowski
Birth Date: 28 Aug 1896
Cemetery: Jews of Germany Murdered in the Holocaust
Has Bio?: N
Sometimes you just have to stop and breath and that is how I am feeling.
Uscher Auszer, brother of my great grandmother Kate, brother of Mirla, Jennie, Rose, Jacob and Harry, son of Selig and Rosa
May Your Memory Be A Blessing 
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And The Adventure Continues

2018 has been an amazing year for our family history with quite a few walls crumbling down. Cousin connections were made and others were strengthened.

The highlight for this year has been two mysteries solved within the Lipschitz and Haimowitz families.

The story of Benjamin Lipschitz, my great grandfather on my birthmother Marlene’s maternal side, was solved with a 3rd cousin DNA match to Jane.

I had been haunted for quite some time regarding Benjamin and his wife Kate Rosen. Both of them deaf from a childhood illness, they were joined together through an arranged marriage. I just knew there had to be more to their story and family than just my grandmother Myra, her sisters Esther and Mary and their descendants. There was!

On my Haimowitz side I had knowledge that some family had immigrated to England from Romania. Who this ‘family’ was, was a complete unknown. Siblings, Uncles, Aunts, cousins..we had no clue. Due solely to the writing of this blog and a post on this mystery family connection, I was contacted by a woman in England which led to a conclusive DNA connection that we discovered this English branch. Marks Hyamovitch was the brother of my great grandfather Samuel Haimowitz, who set down roots in England.

Both these discoveries and connections to cousins has been a highlight in my family research journey this year. And while these mystery were solved so many yet remain.

One such mystery – who is the mystery sister on the left of Samuel and their niece, Freda Hyams (Hyamovitch) daughter of Marks?

SamuelHaimowitz6 copy

Another highlight for me this year came very recently in way of a photo share from my birthmother’s sister Rochelle and her daughter Lisa. I was sent this photo of Marlene Haimowitz just a month or so after she gave birth to me. Pregnant with me through all of her 18th year she gave birth to be 16 days after turning 19 on February 8th, 1953.

Marlene Haimowitz

Marlene3 copy

I started 2018 with a purchase and post on a beautiful piece of jewelry and I think most appropriate for ending this year.

The Chai, pronounced ‘hay’, is a letter in the alphabet with its numerical number 18. This is a spiritual number in Judaism and it most certainly fulfilled its destiny this year in bringing much life to our family.


I would like to thank all of my family and friends who have followed along this year, commented and contributed to our families rich heritage. To all the cousin connections, both old and new, those connections with their strings still undone, I am excited for the new year and new discoveries in store.

A happy healthy coming year

as the adventure continues



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The Story of Jacob Louis Lifschitz

It was back in March that I started a series of posts on my newest Lipschitz Family DNA connection. A match with a 2nd cousin 1x removed had opened up a flood gate of information on the siblings of my great grandfather Benjamin which had long been lost to our family branch.

My great grandfather Benjamin Lipschitz (1883 Slutsk, Belarus) was the son of David Lipschitz/Lipshitz and Yetta/Edith/Gittel Palley/Paley/Pallai, depending on what document you are looking at. The spelling of the last name also took on many variants. His siblings would go on to use the spelling of the last name with an f; Lifschitz/Lifshitz.

Benjamin was born hearing but became deaf from a childhood illness. I am not clear if this happened in New York or in his home town of Slutsk. I tend to believe it was oversea’s arriving here in N.Y. shortly before his arranged marriage to Kate Rosen, also deaf from a childhood illness. Just recently I was sent a picture of Kate. The picture is from 1966 at the wedding of Kate’s granddaughter Rochelle, my aunt. Kate, 77 years old, went on to live another 7 years before passing away in 1973. I have no picture or know of any picture for Benjamin.

Kate Lipschitz nee Rosen 



Benjamin’s oldest sister was Fanny Lipshitz  (abt 1867). Her death certificate revealed her parents as David Lipshitz and Yetta Palley (which further confirmed our DNA connection and her connection to Benjamin)


Israel and Fanny were the parents of 5 children. Esther/Estelle/Stella (1890 Slutsk), Jacob/Jack (1894 NYC), Samuel (1895 NYC), Benjamin/Barnett (1900 NYC) and Dora/Dorothy (1906 NYC)

I’d like to concentrate on their first and oldest son Jacob/Jack Louis Lifshitz. (this branch of the family spelled the name with the ‘f’)

The first of his siblings to be born in New York, I found Jacob (6), in the 1910 census living at 58 Monroe St, N.Y.C. along with his parents and sister listed as Esta (12) and Samuel (4). The spelling on this census was recorded as Libshitz, with brother-in-law Ruben Cohen (1864) living with them. His name of Cohen had and continues to cause some confusion as Fanny was clearly confirmed a Lipschitz. (I wonder if he could be the husband of a sister of Israel? Possible. Just another mystery that deserves some time and research)  By 1915 I located them living at 59 102nd St, N.Y.C..  Father Israel (50) was no longer working as a tailor but was an usher in a theatre Fanny (50) listed housework. The 3 oldest, Stella, Jacob now using Jack and Samuel were all working as bookkeepers, Benjamin and Dorothy were still in school. Ida (70) was living with them recorded as sister-in-law. This listing as sister-in-law raises the question, was this possibly a census error and in fact this was his mother-in-law? I know that Ida was alive and present at her son Isaac/Ike’s wedding to Rebecca Leff in 1903 (from wedding invitation) Ida’s estimated birth year has been 1850. Ida listed as 70 years old would give her a birth year of 1845. It’s very feasible that this is  Fanny and Ike’s mother as her actual birth year in not accurate. I have also not located her death information.

WWI was on the horizon and Jack was inducted on May 25, 1918. He was 24.

Jacob Louis Lifschitz

JackLifschitz2 copyPhoto courtesy of the family of Dorothy Lifshitz

40808_1120704930_0369-00601New York, Abstracts of World War I Military Service, 1917-1919, 

Unable to find the 1920 census, I picked up the family in 1925 living at 1330 Franklin Ave, Bronx where they would remain up until and including 1940. Jack’s (31) profession was listed as actor. All of the family was still living together. His father Israel had listed his profession as advertisor, Stella (31) stenographer, Samuel (27) salesman, Ben (25) salesman and Dora (20) also actor.

Jacob Louis Lifschitz 

JackLifschitz copy



Photo Courtesy of the Family of Dorothy Lifshitz

I like to think of this photo as possibly one of his professional industry pictures. I also learned from the family of Dorothy, that he was opera singer too.

On January 25, 1926, in the Bronx, Jack’s sister Stella, under her formal name of Estelle married Joseph Puchkoff.  In 1928 they would welcome their only child, a daughter named Myra.

By 1930, still at the 1330 Franklin Bronx address, Stella no longer at home left the other 4 siblings. Father Israel (64) was again listed as usher – theatrical, Jack (36) actor – theatrical, Samuel (32) manager clothing, Benjamin (29) usher, and Dorothy/Dotty (24) actress – theatrical.

The Palace Theatre in New York City was the most popular vaudeville venue but it closed it’s doors to vaudeville on Nov. 6th 1932

PALACE 2.jpg

palace_mcnyBoth images Image via MCNY’s Digital Collection

Jacob would lose both his parents almost within 2 full years of each other. Israel passed away on Jan. 20, 1936 and Fanny passed on Dec 29th, 1937. Both are buried at Washington Cemetery

On June 25th, 1936 Jack boarded the “Munargo’ cruise ship for Havana, Cuba. He would return on July, 7th. I could identify any other passenger traveling with Jack by matching up his address which was the 1330 Franklin address. The Munargo was a ship owned by the Munson Steamship Line. It set sail in 1922 equipped to transport 295 passengers. It was commissioned for Caribbean service and Eastern Cuba. This ship was later purchased by the Army and became a hospital ship, renamed The Thistle.

Cardinal's Visit to the Bahamas 1922: Page 1

Stella along with her husband George Puchkoff and daughter Myra had moved into the home at 1330 Franklin Ave, Bronx, owned by her parents. The 1940 census had this family now listed with George (48) as the head, lived in that same house in 1935, working as an auctioneer with Estelle (48) and Myra (12)  Recorded as brother-in-law’s, Jack (44) actor – vaudeville, Samuel (41) and Benjamin (39) both usher’s – theatre. Even though The Palace had stopped showcasing vaudeville acts, Jack referring to himself as ‘in vaudeville’ seems to be telling of what he was doing, however on his 1942 WWll registration card it appears he was out of work, still unmarried with his sister Estelle as his contact person. Notice the address also. It is not the the 1330 Franklin, Bronx address.


Below is a photo of Jack with his wife. This photo has no identification on who she was. This photo was shared by the family of Dorothy Lifschitz. She is mentioned as unknown.

JackLifshitz&wife copyPhoto courtesy of the family of Dorothy Lifshitz

Looking at the city index for the year 1931 for something else, I spotted a Rebecca Lifshitz living at the 1330 Franklin Ave address; looking further I found our Jack, Dotty (Dorothy), Samuel, and Israel also at the address. Is it possible that this was Jack’s wife? We do know that by 1940 Jack was listed on the census as single with out a Rebecca and that his 1942 WWll registration listed his sister Estelle. Had he divorced/annulled and claimed single?Had the photo been mislabeled? If not his wife then who was Rebecca living at the address with the rest of the family? Little more is known by me of Jack in the years following 1942.

Jack outlived both his sister’s, Dorothy (1955) and Estelle (1971) before passing away on Feb 19th, 1974. He is buried at Mount Hebron Cemetery, Flushing, Queens, New York.



Always Remembered 



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The Tragedy of Roza Rosen

I would like to wrap up the story of the tragic death of my 2x great grandmother who fell to her death from the 1st story window of her home at 54 103rd St NYC. I had tried using google earth to see if the building was still there, but sadly it had been torn down and replaced with, to me, an ugly modern high rise. Her story needed to be told and the building itself seemed to be important enough to tract down a photo of. Today I received the below tax dept photograph of the building and home of Selig and Roza Rosen.

Rojza Ruchel (Roza) Bibrowsky/Beberofsky


BIRTH 1873 Sompolno, Koninski, Greater Poland Voivodeship, Poland

DEATH 23 MAY 1940 Manhatten, New York, USA    




May her memory be a blessing to and for all those who follow

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Zelig (Selig) and Roza (Rosa) Rosen

Yesterday I received the anxiously awaited for death certificate for my 2x great grandfather Selig Rosen.

In my last post I wrote about the tragic death of his dear wife Roza Rosen nee Beberofsky. I have always spelled Roza as Rosa but her death certificate did indicate the ‘z’ in the spelling of her name so I will continue from now on to honor that spelling. Roza fell from her 1st story apt window, fracturing her skull which caused her death. A very short 25 days later her husband Selig passed away. Curious I wondered  what had caused Seligs death? A broken heart? With Selig’s death certificate still outstanding and not even sure I would received the correct certificate for the correct Selig, I waited to answer that question. This week has been a whirlwind of personal events as well as ancestry discoveries to report on. While waiting for his death certificate I called the cemetery where Roza was buried. A big thank you to Riverside Cemetery, Saddle Brook, New Jersey for the wonderful pictures of the gravestones of my 2x great grandparents. Sent on the honor system for $10 (check in the mail)  When I had finally received the death certificate for the correct Roza Rosen, her burial location was noted on the document and from there it was easy to concur that the Selig listed at the same cemetery was most likely our Selig, and he was. Just below is the death certificate for Selig. It appears he passed from ‘natural causes’ which I want to believe was a broken heart.


Even though shrouded in sadness there are so many wonderful things about this certificate.

Next are the beautiful stones for Selig and Roza.


An honest and upright man, our teacher and rav (not implying Rabbi)  Mr. Pinchas Zelig, son of Mr. Yakov died 11 Sivan 5700


A pious woman, Mrs Rachel daughter of Mr. Avraham Hersh died 15 Iyar, 1940                   *translation of stones by members of the FB group Tracing the Tribe.

Roza/Rosa Rosen nee Beberofsky/i and Zelig/Selig Rosen both of Sompolno, Russia/Poland.


Zelig (Selig) Rosen was the son of Jakob Rozen and Mirla (Muriel) Morgansztern.                 Finding a gravestone with supporting information is such a bonus to my research. My information for Selig’s family came from another researcher, Barbara Rubinstein, a woman from Poland now living in Switzerland with shared roots. While we corresponded quite a few times, she assured me her research was accurate but she did not have supporting documents. I was just shy of skeptical, but believing she was right on. Selig’s stone tells us that his father was Yakov~Jacob, and interesting to me was the addition of his name of Pinchas. I will be sharing this information with Barbara, our Switzerland connection.

Rojza Ruchel Beberofsky/i is our wonderful and pious grandmother Roza who’s father according to Barbara’s research was Abram Hersz supported by the engraving on the stone. Below I have reposted her death certificate

Selig and Roza were the parents of 7 children. Mirla b. abt. 1880, Jennie b. abt. 1886  Kate (Kruse) my great grandmother b. 1889 , Rose (Rejle) (known as Ray) b. abt. 1890, Jacob Wolf b. abt 1894, Auter/Auszer b. 1896 abt 1896 and Abraham (known as Harry) b. 1900

It does not appear that Mirla or Auter immigrated to the US with their family but remained behind in Sompono. I have written about the families of Jennie, Ray and Abraham as well as my great grandmother Kate. After receiving the death certificate for Selig I took another look at his son Jacob who is the informant on the death certificate. It is so amazing when research all falls into place and new discoveries are made. It must have been there before but overlooked, this time I noticed a researcher who had not been on Ancestry for some time with a Meyer Rosen; the name of one of Jacob’s children. I reached out to this person, a woman, who responded and I am thrilled to report I have now connected with a descendant of Jacob, a 3rd cousin with shared 2x great grandparents Selig and Roza. I am excited to fill her in with the names and information on her other shared distant cousins as well as learn all I can about her line. She has connected me with another 3rd cousin who has done some research on their line and I am excited to correspond with her too.

For our branch of the family we knew only about the 3 sisters, Kate, Ray and Jennie.  We had lost the history and knowledge of their siblings Jacob and Abraham. We have learned quite a bit about Abraham now and I am anxious to learn more about Jacob. Once receiving Selig’s death certificate I learned Jacob was the reporting family member and was given the address of where Jacob was living at that time in 1940. A quick look back at the 1940c for Jacob at that address I found what I now believe is a huge flaw in my past research. I had picked up another Jacob fitting his description in Los Angeles not at the Brooklyn address where I did find him living with wife Della. His wife’s name known to me prior to 1940 on all documents was Sadie and unless Sadie went by Della I have more information to unravel. Connecting with my new 3rd cousins will help me correct the flaw and put this puzzle piece together. I will report on this in a later post. In the mean time  I am so happy to have located Selig and Roza’s death certificates and gravestones. However, there still lies this feeling that their story is not fully known or told. I will not give up until their story, our story has accurately as possible has been shared.


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The Tragic Death of Rosa Rosen

In past posts I have written about my 2x great grandmother Rojza Ruchel (Rosa) Beberofsky wife of my 2x great grandfather Selig Rosen. Rosa and Selig were the parents of 7 children. Mirel, Jennie, Kate (my great grandmother), Rose, Auzer, Abraham and Jacob Rosen. I have written about their children with the exception of Mirel and Auzer. I have not been able to find anything to confirm that they immigrated to America along with everyone else.

I first found Selig and Rose in the 1910c with Selig’s occupation listed as teacher, hebrew, Synagogue, which remained consistent through out his career. I lost track of them after 1930. In an effort to follow their story I had been systematically sending away for death certificates for each of them, Rose and Selig. Needless to say I have received quite a few wrong documents but I have kept to my path in order to discover and round out the story behind these two great grandparents. Selig’s death still eludes me as I wait for his document, sent a week after Rosa.

Today was a day of jewels found and instead of writing ‘not the right Rosa’ on the document,  I can say this is the death certificate of my 2x  great grandmother Rosa Rosen mixed with joy and sadness at learning the cause of her death. At age 67 (approx.) Rosa fell to her death from her 1st story window at 54 E. 103 St, Manhattan. Nature of injury; a fractured skull. Such tragedy for her family, her children, her husband Selig.



Rosa’s is buried at Riverside Cemetery in Saddlebrook, New Jersey. This is an exclusively Jewish cemetery established in 1906. I also sent away for a death certificate for a Selig Rosen also buried at this cemetery with a death date of 17 June 1940. I am quite certain this will be our Selig, but there is always room for error and assumption gone wrong. If this is him, with a little less than a month after losing his precious wife Rosa he passes, my mind wanders and I can’t help but think he died of a broken heart. It will be interesting to learn what his document says. I am imagining the children, grown with their own children, the families left behind to mourn the lose of both parents. This must have been a tremendous blow to the family.

My grandmother, Myra, was 25 and her mother Kate, Rosa’s daughter was 47. Myra must have known of her grandmother’s tragic death and yet this story, this death has not been told until now. I will be anxious to learn if any family members reading this post has had their memory jogged.

There are a number of things that jump out at me with this death certificate. The confirmation of Rosa’s father Abraham Beberofsky. A surprise was her mother’s name as Jennie, I believe it says Lipschitz/Lifschitz. One of Rosa’s daughter’s went by the name of Jennie too.  Lipschitz is also another family name of ours with Kate marrying a Benjamin Lipschitz which will now set me on the path of trying to discover if there is a family connection here. I am thinking there may have been a connection as both Benjamin and Kate were deaf and the marriage, I have been told, was an arranged marriage. So my question is did the families know each other, were they related perhaps and arranged for their 2 deaf children to wed? Benjamin was a Lipschitz as was Rosa’s mother and both from Russia.

Rosa’s age on the death certificate makes her birth date considerably different than the 1856 I had been using and places the year as 1873. I have a birthdate of 1880 for their first daughter Mirel so you can see this does present a problem, however we know from experience and records that dates and years and ages can be way off. What I love especially about this record is the spelling of Rosa’s name. It is recorded as Roza which is the the original spelling which I have not used. My next step in researching Rosa and Selig will be to contact the cemetery and try and get as much information and a picture if possible of their stones.

Rest in Peace my 2x great grandparents. You are not forgotten.